Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

BREAKING: 26 people dead, 12 injured, in Babusar road bus accident

The bus that faced the tragic accident

GILGIT: A bus lost control while traveling from Skardu to Rawalpindi this morning and had a major accident.

Gilgit-Baltistan government’s spokesman, Faizullah Faraq has said that 26 people have died in the horrific accident. He has also confirmed that 12 people are critically injured.

There are conflicting reports about the casualties. Our Chlias based correspondent has said that there are 23 confirmed deaths.

Earlier, an eye-witness had informed Pamir Times that at least 15 people had either died or were injured as a result of the accident while over a dozen had sustained injuries. Six children are reportedly among the deceased and injured.

The ill-fatted bus numbered BLNA 1495 was operated by Mashaburum Tours.

The Mashaburum Tours company is owned by Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly’s Speaker, Fida Mohammed Nashad, a veteran politician from Baltistan region.

A graphic scene of passengers laying on the ground at the site of the accident
The passenger list shared by the company

A passenger list, purportedly of the ones traveling in this bus, has emerged on social media.

The cause of accident is also not clear.

An emergency has been imposed in Chilas DHQ Hospital, the nearest health facility, and ambulances have been dispatched to Babusar to evacuate the injured and deceased.

There are reports that some of the injured were also shifted to the Chilas hospital by locals in their own vehicles.

Injured passengers sitting and laying on the road shortly after the accident.
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