Independence Day: KNM pays rich tributes to deceased party workers and leaders

Gilgit, November 1: (PR) Karakoram National Movement (KNM) has paid rich tributes to its fallen party workers and leaders, including Shaheed Ghazi Anwar, Afsar Jan Watanyar, Shaheed Aflatoon, Shaheed Ikram Hussain, Shaheed Zakir Hussain, Shaheed Irfan Ali, Shaheed Shahzaman, ‘who embraced martyrdom for the cause of Karakoram’.

According to a statement issued by KNM, a meeting was held at the grave of Shaheed Ghazi Anwar, led by Chairman Muhammed Javed and attended by various KNM and KSO leaders, activists, friends and heirs of martyrs.

KNM Chairman Muhammed Javed said that today we are remembering those martyrs who laid down their lives for the betterment of our future. He said that these martyrs proved the fact that KSO and KNM and its leaders always kept themselves in the front whenever the time of sacrifice aroused. From martyr Qasim Sheraliat to martyr Irfan Ali, Shaheed Comrade Aflatoon, Ikram Shaheed, Zakir Shaheed and others this history of sacrifices has been repeated time and again, added M Javed.

KNM Chairman while addressing the gathering also paid rich tributes to Shaheed Mirza Hussan Khan, Raja Shah Rais and all Martyrs who have Sacrificed their lives for the independence struggle .Javed Sahib said that Mirza Hassan Khan sahib was a man who worked for the mission of freedom day and night till his last breath. A prayer meeting was also held on the occasion for martyrs.

Karakoram National Movement G.S Taaruf Abbas was also present on the occasion. He thanked all those who participated in the rally and said that KNM and KSO has been organizing these programs from last 28 years with a goal to foster the awareness among the youth of Karakoram. He said that KNM and KSO will continue these programs and seminars for the youth of Karakoram. Today KSO and KNM leaders and Workers also pay a visit to central jail in Gilgit to show solidarity with Comrade Iftikhar Hussain, Comrade Baba Jan and other prisoners and strongly condemn the ATC courts and their biased Judgement.

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