Hunza-Nagar’s Executive Engineer suspended on charges of corruption

Gilgit: The Executive Engineer of Public Works Department for Hunza-Nagar has been suspended, after allegations of corruption were leveled against him. He has been made an OSD, officer on special duty, for the period of a probe launched against him.

According to details, Didar Shah, the X-En for Hunza-Nagar, has allegedly been found involved in cases of corruption. An investigation has been launched against him and he has been replaced by Taj Muhammad.

It is pertinent to note that a very large number of projects remain incomplete in the district despite of advance payments to contractors. The previous government failed to complete any significant project during its five years, and many projects are different stages of implementation, some for several years.

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  1. PPP has lost all his credibility during it last regime. Poor governance, Corruption, Murders (Via Police) and Nepotism were the best things they delivered in last five years.

    I hope the GBians wont let these butchers to rule GB for another five years.

  2. what were the elected members of district such as speaker of legislative assembly,finance minster were doing ?

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