Why Does the Whole Room Join In, When Someone Starts a Clap?

Azra Nisar


(Rolf Dobelli, 2013)

Why do we always get immersed in the ocean of skepticism while taking initiatives?

Why do we look at the people around before performing any action?

Why do we look at ourselves a hundred times after adopting a new attire?

The answer is simple and straight forward, “ we don’t trust ourselves”.

According to Rolf Dobelli, author of the book ‘ The art of thinking clearly’, “individuals feel they are behaving correctly when they act the same as other people”.

Moreover, W.Somerset Maugham, a novelist, says that “ If 50 million people say something foolish, it is still foolish”. Hence, we all need to remove the factor of self-skepticism and plant seed of trust in ourselves.

Initiatives and courage are not impossible targets to achieve rather they are always in the atmosphere surrounding you. You take them in with every breath, but you don’t feed them with what they need to grow big. The poison of fear and doubt kill courage before it starts to raise. Fear, doubts, and skepticism is creating a strong interwoven web around us. They are pushing us towards such pond where all fish must eat what they are provided with than finding new food sources. The problem sounds so complicated but contains a solution. All you need rather we need to do is to vanish the stain of fear and replace it with a pearl of trust. We need to wash the doubt with water of trustworthiness. It can be achieved by starting with basic steps which include creating a club of your own in school or participating in re creational activities.

Rolf Dobelli has articulately presented the outcomes of fear, he says that “ It can paralyze whole cultures”. This statement looks small in length but carries a huge power, I utterly agree with his thought. Since, we are the ones who hold a responsibility of sustaining and transferring cultures. If we fill our minds with fear of being wrong and keep being doubtful about ourselves then how can we become the carriers of our values.

We all need to learn to be what we are, to do what we really want, and to think what we can do.

The contributor is a student at the University of central Asia, Naryn. 

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