Science, Technology and Arts Exhibition held at AKHSS, Chitral


CHITRAL: Annual Science, Technology and Arts Exhibition (STAE) at the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Chitral attracts hundreds of students and teachers from various schools in the vicinity.

The one-day exhibition, under the theme “Fostering Scientific Minds for UN’s Sustainable Development Goals”, was organized on November 26, 2019 by the school to provide a platform where the students can exhibit their talents. The event also allowed students of various schools to interact and build friendships.

Students and Teachers from the Langland School & College, FCPS, Centennial Model School, Government Middle School Seenlasht and Eagles Eye School Seenlasht attended the exhibition.

The students of AKHSS presented their projects, whereas, the students and teachers from participating schools asked questions about the presented projects.

Projects in the category of Biology included, Positive effects of sound on Plants, effects of Light on plants and Animals and a project on Genetic Disorder. Student’s projects on Wind Mill, Hydro Air, Vacuum Cleaner and Hydroelectric Generation Mechanism were included in Physics category. In the category of Chemistry, the projects included; What we see in not actually what it is, Fuel from dust and alternative fuel for rockets. Whereas, projects on Geometric Shapes and Data Fidelity were in the categories of Mathematics and ICT. The students also presented their works and projects on Painting, Sketch making and Calligraphy.

It is interesting to note that, in one project of Grade-8 students of the school had prepared alternative fuel for rockets by using available chemicals in the school laboratory. Due to the explosive nature of the fuel of the rocket, the students asked the visitors to witness the launch of their mini rocket in an open ground. The launch was observed by visitors and the successful launch was appreciated by visitors and was video recorded. Using their grade-8 level understanding, the students shared that going for alternative source of fuel for rockets can greatly reduce the cost on launching a rocket and the saved money can be used to meet many of the sustainable development goals of the UN including eradication of hunger and poverty and many others.

It may be pertinent to note here that, like all other cocurricular activities of the school, the STAE was also organized in the way that the students’ learning outcomes and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN were reflected in the projects and presentations. The project display area was replete with posters, art works and banners depicting the 17 SDG’s. Through their presentations, the students not only explained the mechanism involved in their projects, but also discussed the possible linkages of their work in terms of meeting the SDGs.

Incorporation of SDG’s in STAE projects of the school is a manifestation of the collaboration between the School and the ISA project of British Council; which requires the cocurricular activities of the school to be organized in a way as to reflect the SDGs, students’ learning outcomes and to share such activities with partner schools and wider community.

Besides the students of all the 5 partner schools, vice principal of centennial Model School, Director Osma Warraich Career Academy, Teachers from all the partner schools, Senior Manager School Development, AKES, P Chitral (Zulfiqar Ali), parents and community people attended the programme.

The school administration, faculty and students extended their gratitude to all the visitors for visiting the exhibition.

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