Corona Virus in GB, Chitral, KohistanGilgit - Baltistan

Around 7,000 residents of Gilgit-Baltistan stuck in Karachi due to CoVID19 pandemic: Rasheed Arshad

ISLAMABAD: There are around 7,000 residents of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) in Karachi currently who want to return home. These include students, professionals and laborers.

On Chief Minister’s instruction, a ‘camp office’ is being established in Karachi to coordinate all affairs related to the repatriation of the residents of GB.

These details were shared with Pamir Times by Chief Minister’s Media Coordinator Rasheed Arshad, who was recently appointed as the ‘focal person’ for coordinating testing, travel and other issues of the Karachi based GB community.

Arshad further said that he will work with a team of government officers from the Excise and Taxation, Department, including Deputy Director Abu Bakar and Web Developer Tasawur Mehdi. Ghulam Hasan, Section Officer of Food Department, is also part of the team.

Rasheed Arshad told Pamir Times that students and patients, who travel to Karachi for medical services, are being tested for CoVID-19. Those testing negative will be allowed to travel to GB, while CoVID-19 positives will be isolated and quarantined in Karachi.

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