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[Video] Tourism Secretary representing GB at international forum


GB Tourism Secretary, Imran Sikandar Baloch, representing the region at an international forum.

Source: Youtube

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  1. I watched the presentation of Mr. Imran to the international forum. His overall emphasis was trophy hunting, biodiversity and sustainable tourism. It was a very good aspect of the tourism of GB, but more stronger points could have been the adventure tourism, since GB has 5 peaks above 8000m and more than 100 above 7000m and many more 6000m meter peaks. The potential of GB in the adventure tourism is very distinct coupled with its potential of cultural, and Eco tourism.

    I wish Mr. Imran had equally focused the adventure and culture tourism as well.

  2. its really irritating why not a Tourism Secretary belonging to gilgit baltistan .am sure we have people who can manage all the things . its not just the matter of seat, its the mindset of federal govt that has made our destination wrong. well lets give the local people a not sure that this person is outsider but seems like he is balochi. i dont have any complain to this gentle man but a big shame for us because our representation is weak and unhealthy . you people should feel this the way i feel .

  3. The first thing which i point out in this presentation is no arrangment of data accordingly name of GB no intro then jerking around trophy huntin than glaciers n bla bla….it should ve be in arrangd manner . intro part shud ve da words which can really describe the heaven on earth ie GB .it should ve all the three aspects of environment ie socio-economic, and physical environment(biological,geographical)…if our representative ve explaind living condition
    world would ve been impressed about how v are in harmony with nature ,how v care our environment.
    None of the adjective and words are appropriate to explain da beauty of of our area but one can use atleat these words
    (snow clad mountains,refreshing gorges,lush green fairy meadows,fresh water, breath takin breeze from glaciers, beautiful lakes,alpine forest,the fresh air we breath,the fresh water v drink, the serene env around us, colorful flora n faunna, sweet languages,simple n peace loving people, unique n diverse culture historical buildings ,peaceful valliz, da history of silk route , OMG u missed all this sir.. 🙁 )
    whts da use of data biodiversity data resentation which one can get from WWF N IUCN wesite
    poor presentation skill, no concept of sustainable development, all paper readin

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