Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

22 residents of Chitral included in Schedule 4 of Anti-Terrorism watchlist

CHITRAL:  The National Counter Terrorism Authority (NCTA) has included 22 residents of Upper and Lower Chitral districts in Schedule IV of the Anti-Terrorism watch-list.

Details related to the suspicious activities of the proscribed individuals have not been mentioned a list making the rounds on social media.

People proscribed under Schedule IV are kept under surveillance and their activities are monitored, because they are suspected of being involved in activities that are considered to be terroristic.

The following individuals are included in the list:

1 FahimUllah son of Sharif ullah

2 FazalAkbar Malik s/o Said Akbar

3 Haziq Ullah s/o GulAhmad

4 IkramUllah s/o Abdullah

5 Jalil Mujahid s/o Meherbat Khan

6 Juma Din s/o Momin Khan

7 Khalid Sher s/o Muhammad Tawus Khan

8 Khalil-ur-Rehman s/o Sher Azam Khan

9 Koshabud s/o Din Khan (Late)

10 Lali s/o Zalia

11 Maqsood Ali Khan s/o Muhammad Ali

12 Muhammad Inaam

13 Muhammad Inaam Hanif

14 Muhammad Sohail s/o Khanjar Khan

15 NaeemUllah Hafeez s/o Fazl Ullah

16 Naqeeb Ullah s/o Sharif ullah

17 Qayum Khan s/o KarimJan

18 Rehmat Din s/o Nizam-ud-Din

19 Shahab-ud-Din s/o Muhammad Shah

20 Sher Jahan Sahil s/o Gul Aman

21 Sultan Wali s/o Ghulam Farooq

22 Syed Nizar Shah s/o Syed Ghuldan Shah

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