Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Father approaches police to annul Nikah of 12-years old daughter

CHITRAL: A father in Chitral has approached the police to seek annulment of the Nikah of his 12-years old daughter with a man believed to be in his mid twenties.

The father has told the police that her daughter was born in December 2008 and is underage, and therefore her Nikah is illegal.

The father has told the police that her daughter has been misled by the groom and she is not mature enough to make her life’s decision. He has also said that it is a case of abduction because the girl is minor and the Nikah was performed clandestinely.

According to a local scribe, the Nikah took place in a village named “Gasht”, while the minor girl and the man are residents of two villages located in Laspur Valley.

Sources have told Pamir Times that the police, instead of registering a First Information Report (FIR), have referred the case to a local Jirga and an “Arbitration Board”, for out of court resolution, but the Jirga and the arbitration board have refused to take the case due to sensitivity of the matter.

Names not mentioned to maintain privacy . 

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