Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Today Has Everything, But Love!

By Azra Nisar

Have you ever thought about the time that has flown while you were concerned about wrinkles and low grades?

Can you think for a while and make a list of such moments when you were living that moment with no regrets about past and worries about future?

Homo sapiens have an immortal pet called ‘Worldly desires’ which stays with them even after their death to even choose between hell and heaven. Today I am acquainted with all the things that I was yearning for. My wardrobe is filled with designer dresses and multifarious shoes with intricate patterns on them. However, now I am wearing a faded pajama and an extra-large shirt of my high school.

Should I name it a native habit of Homo sapiens or label it with their lasting desire? We are never satisfied with our present since birth. When I was a kid, I wanted to grow old, when I stepped onto teens a desire of becoming an adult arouse and when I was adult, I wished to experience post adult life.  Today I am on the stair of post adult life and looking at the staircase with a feeling of being incomplete deep inside. The building of my heart and mind has one block missing, which is love. I got into best school and passed the most challenging test of university and now I am having my dream job. In this long run I grabbed the finest thing for myself yet lost the pearl of love and satisfaction. I live in a big house with no one to laugh with or to share my joy. My kids are running in the same race where once I was competing. On the dining table they have unending talks about the best salon and late-night parties with their friends. My kids always come to me in the first week of every month with an innocent appeal for money. Today scientists have discovered every hidden thing in the universe and beyond it but the one thing which no one has neither understood nor found is love. My husband shows his love when he is in a good mood or when his company gains profit. My kids love me when they need to take permission for picnics. This absence of love in our lives has made us greedy and is pushing us towards the ocean of materialistic life. Sometimes rather always I sat under a tree and wanted to walk back to the stair of my childhood. I want to play with my delicate toys with not being worried about their being broken. I yearn to enjoy my high school days with not being anxious about getting highest grades. I want to hug my mother with no desire for any favors. I want to live all that moments of life again which I wasted for today.

Today which has everything but not love.

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