Students achieve high standards of AKU-EB Annual Examinations 2022

GILGIT: (PR) The Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB) announced the annual
examination results for its Secondary and Higher Secondary School qualifications on Thursday,
August 4, 2022. This year too, the AKU-EB awarded one national level positions for SSC and
HSSC qualifications each, and provincial level overall and group-wise top three positions for
both SSC and HSSC. In total, 63 percent (%) of all high achievers were girls.

Ahmed Wali from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Gilgit achieved National Level Overall
First Position in HSSC and Wareesha Khan from Sindh achieved National Level Overall First
Position in SSC. In an interview with Ahmed Wali, he noted that “AKU-EB does not assess
students’ rote memorisation, no matter how much you try to memorise books. It is the conceptual
learning I focused on when preparing for the examinations. AKU-EB has not constrained me to
the textbooks, it has taught me how to live.” Ahmed Wali also received admissions into Lahore
University Management Science (LUMS). Wareesha Khan, national high achiever from the
Sindh notes “I feel fortunate to be a part of AKU-EB education system. I was assessed for my
intellectual ability, for the conceptual learning and not for memorising the information given in
the books.”
For the HSSC qualifications, first positions at the Provincial Level were awarded to Ahmed Wali
from Gilgit Baltistan, Sana Muftah from KPK, and Bareera Nasir Ahmad from Chenab Nagar.
For the SSC qualifications, first positions at the provincial level were awarded to Haseeba
Yousaf from GB, Aliya Shah from KP and Kashifa Asif from Chenab Nagar.
According to the Principal of IBA Public School, Sukkur, Dr Ali Gohar Chang, “AKU-EB is
about high-quality examination and assessment. It has been working as a driving force for
improving quality education across Pakistan. We are fortunate that our SSC and HSSC students
are performing well under the AKU-EB system. It is a way we know that our quality of teaching
learning is at par with the international standards.”
The Board also recognises the collective efforts and partnership with its affiliated schools and
finds it critical in the successful performance of its schools across Pakistan. This year, the
Korangi Academy has shown exceptional performance in the AKU-EB annual examinations

  1. According to Mrs Asma Nasir, Principal of Korangi Academy, “For our school, it is a
    historical day. Our students’ national level achievement reflects the work of the Board with its
    affiliated schools, especially in the areas of teaching, learning and assessment. AKU-EB has
    opened the horizon of success for our students.”
    The CEO of AKU-EB, Dr Shehzad Jeeva puts a great emphasis on preparing students for higher
    education and notes that “AKU-EB students have demonstrated a phenomenal performance. Our
    high standards and academic rigour have prepared our students to compete globally. I am proud
    to see that AKU-EB students have reached more than 100 international universities in Pakistan
    and more than 53% of students enter top 15 universities in Pakistan.”
    The Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB) is the first private university led transprovincial board (awarding body) in Pakistan. Following international best practices in assessment, AKU-EB is the only board in Pakistan to work closely with all affiliated school to
    provide the support needed to improve the standard of teaching and schools’ performance.

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