KADO and Hunza Chamber of Commerce review progress of project aimed at promoting e-commerce in Gilgit-Baltistan

HUNZA: (PR) On September 9th, 2022, Karakorum Area Development Organization(KADO), Hunza Chamber of Commerce and Industries (HCCI), and Trade Development Authority Pakistan Gilgit region reviewed the quarterly progress of the EDF Funded project “Empowerment of SMEs/Artisans through E-Commerce; Business Development and Managing Value Chain in Gilgit-Baltistan at GC Hotel, Gilgit.

Under the joint initiative, up to 500 SMEs/Artisans from five districts will be given training on business development, product development, and managing value chains through e-commerce platforms to enhance exports of potential local products.

In his welcome note, Mr. Khayam Beg, CEO of KADO, greeted the participants and presented a brief outline of the Proposed Interventions. Mr. Kamaran Ghazi, president of HCCI, Mr. Rehmat Devan Gen Sec HCCI, and Mr. Nazir Ali, Assistant Director, Trade Development Authority Pakistan, Gilgit region, represented their respective organizations. It was noted that such networking of different partners is a need of time to deal with the unprecedented challenges of rural economic development in changing globalized world. These interventions will add value to our natural, human, physical, and financial resources and enormous opportunities for substantial regional economic growth.  He further thanked all the stakeholders for sharing time and knowledge during the activities of the last quarter.

In his quarterly presentation, head of operations KADO (EDF-project), Mr. Faheem, appreciated the partners in taking an interest in the regional economic development initiative and significantly enhancing local product skills and business base. Faheem highlighted the significance of skill development programs for SMEs/Artisans and capacity building to tap the export opportunities. Additionally, Mr. Faheem shared a detailed product assessment report in all selected five districts of G-B to identify some of the critical potential products to be treated on a priority basis and other significant effects of significance for future interventions.

Mr. Nazir Ali, AD TDAP, Gilgit region, acknowledged HCCI and KADO for initiating this program to enhance local products and business base to gain maximum economic returns by exporting local products to international markets. While commenting on the assessment report, Nazir said there is a need to build regional linkages to identify indigenous products along with SME certifications to gain economic momentum. Mr. Nazir added that these essential registrations and certifications need policy-level dialogues between government departments, trade bodies, and local partners. 

Mr. Kamran and Rehmat representing HCCI have stressed new ways of doing business and reaching international markets through technology and registrations with trade bodies in Pakistan. Both Focused on building a regional network of trade bodies and chambers to get national and international trade certifications and memberships.

Mr. Zeeshan (Project manager KADO) shared the details of the next quarter’s activities and the engagement of chambers in the implementation of training cohorts. While concluding, Mr. Zeeshan Karim thanked all the participants for their valuable inputs and ideas.

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