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Standard script for all dialects of Burushaski language approved

ISLAMABAD: Experts and activists of Burushaski language have developed and launched a standard script for writing Burushaski language.

A prime of the language, which reportedly represents all dialects of Burushaski language, was launched at the National Curriculum Council Secretariat here in Islamabad.

Present at the occasion was Professor Maryam Chughtai, Director of the National Curriculum Council of Pakistan.

Burushaski is spoken in different parts of Gilgit-Baltistan, including Hunza, Nagar and Yasin Valley (Ghizer), as well as in parts of Siri Nagar (Kashmir).

Burushaski is a language isolate, which means that it cannot be grouped/classified with other known languages.

Present at the occasion were experts, activists and noted Busurshaski personalities from different parts of GB.

Standardization of the Burushaski script is being hailed as a major milestone for promotion and preservation of the language.

A rich body of content already exists in Burushaski language, written by experts, scholars and poets.

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