Nazi inspired Indian regime’s dream of colonizing South and Central Asia

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated a new building of the country’s parliament, in the presence of a large group of “high caste” Hindu priests last week.

The new parliament building has a map (mural) showing all the regions from Bangladesh to Afghanistan as part of the so-called “Akhand Baharat”.

The map has created quite a controversy, with the Mayor of Kathmandu (Nepal), in reaction, releasing the map of “Greater Nepal”, which includes parts of the existing state of India.

A map of “Greater Nepal”

Pakistan has called the mural a symbol of the “expansionist mindset” of India. Bangladesh has sought clarity and ‘explanation’ from India, while opposition leaders in the country have called the mural a threat to the sovereignty and independence.”

Meanwhile, India ministry of external affairs has said that the mural shows the spread of the “Ashoka empire”.

It is pertinent to note that the core of the Hindutva philosophy, currently governing India, is the restoration of “Akhand Baharat”. BJP politicians and other leaders have in the past expressed the desire to invade and occupy neighboring countries.

Indian military leaders and politicians have also in the past made several statements about invading and occupying Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, two regions currently governed by Pakistan.

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