GB legislators lash out against bureaucrats during assembly session

GILGIT: Legislators from treasury and opposition benches made fiery speeches in the Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly during a session held yesterday, accusing bureaucrats of undermining their autonomy and authority.

Interior Minister Shams Lone said that bureaucrats are roaming in vehicles worth millions of rupees, escorted by armed guards, without contributing much to the region’s governance. He said that all expensive vehicles should be taken back from the region’s bureaucrats.

Opposition member, Amjad Hussain (Advocate) said that the Superintendent of Police doesn’t pick up his phones. He said that if the bureaucrats didn’t change their attitude, the public would come on the streets in protest.

He said that “bureaucrats coming from Islamabad” undermine the authority and sanctity of the elected assembly. Amjad Hussain further said that many bureaucrats working in the region don’t draw their salaries for months. He asked what was the source of income for the bureaucrats if they don’t depend on their salaries?

Opposition leader Mesum Qasim said that an Assistant Commissioner has 46 guards protecting him, while an elected representative has 1 gunman. He said that many bureaucrats even after getting transferred out of Gilgit-Baltistan are using GB government’s vehicles in their houses, treating public resources as private property.


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