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Enraged people demand answers after a teacher is shot dead in broad daylight!

GHIZER: Residents of Dahimal and surrounding villages blocked the Gilgit-Shandur road and staged a protest demonstration after a teacher was shot dead in broad daylight, allegedly by two masked men.

According to a situation report issued by the Deputy Director of Education, teacher Niat Amin was returning home after teaching classes at at BMS Hamaran, managed by Shining Light (NGO), on a bike along with his sister when they were ambushed. Niat Amin was shot and left injured. His bike was reportedly taken away and abandoned by the alleged murderers a short distance away from the ambush site.

The tragic incident took place in the remote Bathrait area of Ghizer district.

The teacher was a resident of Dahimal village posted at a government run school in Bathrait.

Protesters, while blocking the road, said that several such tragic incidents have taken place in Bathrait area but so far, the police and law enforcement officials have failed to arrest anyone. They said that police were immediately informed about the incident but nobody came to the site for almost 6 hours.

The protesters said that the scale of protest demonstrations will be expanded to the whole district if immediate action was not taken to make the area safer and to get justice for the family of the deceased teacher.

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