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KIU faculty and staff accuse Special Assistants to CM of “abusive behavior”, demand justice

GILGIT: The following press release, pasted verbatim, is released by faculty and staff members of the Karakoram International University.

“This resolution is issued in response to the regrettable incident that transpired on dated Nov 16, 2023 at approximately 12 pm when two Special Assistants to the Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan visited the University to discuss the fee-related concerns of protesting students.

The meeting with senior faculty and management took an unfortunate turn when Mr. Zabihullah employed inappropriate language towards senior officers, thereby disrupting the meeting environment. Both assistants exhibited disrespectful behavior and misconduct towards the academic institution, which contradicts the principles of ethical and constructive dialogue.

It is imperative to clarify that an agreement had been reached for the reconsideration of the fee notification upon the release of necessary financial support promised by the local government. However, prior to the disbursement of the promised funds, Mr. Zabihullah and Mr. Hussain Shah resorted to threats with their security guards at the KIU Senate Hall, constituting a clear violation of ethical standards.

Furthermore, they engaged in abusive behavior involving armed gunmen within the KIU Senate Hall. It is crucial to highlight that they presented a ceremonial cheque to KIU representatives.

The entire faculty and staff of Karakoram International University condemn these actions and earnestly request the Honorable Chief Minister, Haji Gulbar Khan, to take immediate and robust action against Zaibiuulah and Hussain Shah. Their conduct not only disrupted the ongoing dialogue but also fostered an environment of intimidation and hostility, thus contravening established rules and regulations.

All faculty and staff members stand united in demanding accountability and justice in this matter.”

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