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Karachi: Pamir Times Poll held its first SMS Poll to know opinions about naming the “Seventh District” in Gilgit – Baltistan. 55 SMS were sent.

Text of the SMS Poll Question was:


“What should be name of the new district”?

  1. Burushal

  2. Hunza – Nagar

  3. Any other


33 (Thrity one –  Sixty pecent) people responded.  Results obtained were:

  • Burushal  – 6 (19.3 %)
  • Hunza Nagar – 21 (67.67 %)
  • Any Other – 2 (6.45%)
  • 2 blank messages were received in response (6.45%)

Two new names were coined by two of our respondents.

  • Karakuram
  • NAHANG (Na – Nagar, HA – Hunza, G – Gojal)

We are thankful to all the respondents.

We hope that more and more people will participate in Pamir Times Poll in the future.

If you want to recieve similar polls in the future send your phone number with your Name to pamir.times@gmail.com

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