Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

[Analysis] PPP Hunza – Nagar starts blame game as protests intensify

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Office bearers of Pakistan Peoples Party Hunza – Nagar have started blaming district administration and the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) for miseries of the people of Gojal Valley. The exchange of blames has started in the wake of the most popular and longest strike of Gojal Valley’s known history. Never before had the people of Gojal protested for four days.

The strike has crippled transportation system in the valley, adding to miseries of the commuters, while also bringing border trade between Pakistan and China to a complete halt for four consecutive days.

An office bearer of the PPP Hunza has told the media that NDMA is responsible for sufferings of the people of Gojal. “They have included only 135 out of the 457 affected households in the list”, he has reportedly said.

It is pertinent to note that speaker GBLA, Wazir Baig, has also put all the blame on the Hunza – Nagar district administration for discrepancies in the data of affected households. He also accused the Rabita Committee Mutasireen -e-Gojal of politics in the name of IDPs.

There are signs that the issue of payments to the affected households may be resolved in the coming few days. But drainage of the dammed Hunza river id likely to remain a major symbol of the PPP government’s inability to help the people of Gojal in their dire hours of need. It is pertinent to note that had it not been for the voters in Gojal, PPP may have failed to win in the LA 6, Hunza, constituency.

According to sources the two members of Hunza Valley in GBLA had officially written to the then acting-Governor, Kaira, expressing reservations on capacity of FWO to drain the lake. Their reservation, apparently, went unnoticed, tripling miseries of the 25,000 people of Gojal Valley, while causing losses amounting to tens of millions of rupees for traders.

Another major issue demanding resolution is the registration of FIRs against at least 11 youth, mostly PPP voters, and also from other parties. The GB Chief Secretary had promised that the cases will be dropped but so far no progress has been made in this regard.

Let’s remind the readers of Pamir Times that at one point in time the Rabita Committee Mutasireen-e-Gojal had demanded judicial probe into the alleged criminal negligence of the GBLA speaker, Wazir Baig, former Chairman NDMA, General (r) Farooq and former GB Home Secretary, Usman Yunis.

The on-going natural disaster triggered socio-political situation in Gojal Valley has created a lot of troubles for the Pakistan Peoples Party in one of their strongholds. This may very well mean a defeat for PPP in the next election.

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