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[Pictory] The representation eyewash


While many would be happy to see Chief Executive of Gilgit – Baltistan sitting with elected representatives of other provinces, or some may even take it as a “proof” that we are represented at the highest level, realities lie two scratches below the surface.

Local bodies were never introduced in Gilgit – Baltistan and we are still ruled by bureaucrats, so one doesn’t understand the need for Ghazanfar’s presence in this meeting when nothing significant related to the region was being discussed.

It is ironic that our elected representatives are not part of the formulation process of a proposed reforms plan for Gilgit – Baltistan but they are being ‘honored’ at irrelevant meetings of the ‘higest level’, or in post-meeting photography sessions.

How significant are photo-sessions? Let’s discuss.

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  1. When people like gazani represent the nation in a high level gathering then never expect to gain something in terms of rights or reforms. They always want such yes men to sit with them who will never raise their voice for the rights of their people. People like gazani are made only for foto sessions who later post such fotos in their albums that is their ultimate cause being elected representatives. Dont expect that he will do any better or speak at a forum for our rights.

  2. Another good effort by the SAHAB to win the upcoming elections by joining the PPP. PML Q will be split into many small parties having their own presidents and this SAHAB have to join another party because he can’t own his own party(even can’t dream of having his own party). So this is the final option for him.
    This is something like, “UNGLI KA TA K SHAHEEDOON MAIN NAM LIKHWANA”. But for the God sake please encourage this man. The last self claimed Mir of the region.

    Best of Luck Mr. so called Mir SAHAB.



  3. Guys, Gujars are prety much relevent to milk and ghee in Gilgit Baltistan. The Gujar (Kaira) is yet another intruder who now a days playing around to elevate his status from a Minister to Prime Minister of Gilgit Baltistan. Why should we be proud of Mir Ghazanfer if he gets a chance to sit along a PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Gujar? He would look graceful sitting among us than the thugs who have snatched our rights for 60 years. It is a shame for a nation who has no right to vote and who has no right to appeal in the supreme court of a country. Think about it, if the local courts are ordered coercely, even for no reason, to declare Mir Ghazanfer a tough criminal, would they be able to stand against this order? If not where can he appeal? Exactly the same theory applies on our brothers and sisters.

    We are not Madrassa Students who need reforms ostensibly. We are a nation who need three simple things: A greater freedom to legislate our rights and responsibilities; a low profile government, stays out of the great games, with whome we can vest our powers and a relatively free market where we can negotiate and thrive our trade and businesses nationally and internationally.

    The reforms and packages juggled by the KANA, time and again, come with political anthrax which only can lengthen our pains and paralyze our nation. I do not know what we should do, Ghazanfar can better answer it, but we need the three things at any cost. One thing is plain, the election in the Gilgit Baltistan is a festive occasion for us not a political process through which civilized citizens hold some personages responsible and accountable for their cause. Still my sympathies are with the elected representatives of Gilgit Baltistan who hold our vote in their pockets and kiss it just before they go to bed.

    May God give you all the right to vote and the right to appeal in a supreme court in a time when you are in bad days. Ameen

  4. Its sad that nothing positive is ever mentioned about the current leadership. Let’s not forget the times when our leaders from the Northern Areas could not even approach the doors of the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs. Today our leader is rubbing shoulders with the present leadership and representing Gilgil Baltistan as whole. I belong to the Northern Areas but have lived abroad for a few years and I have NEVER seen any region of the world where people ridicule their elected leaders in such a manner as i see on this platform. If Mir Ghazanfar is so incapable, or corrupt, or an incompetent leader, WHY DID YOU PEOPLE ELECT HIM???

  5. @ Aman Ali

    Dear Aman, you don’t know how much we wish to say positive things about the region’s leadership. But I am sure you don’t expect us to eulogize them for things that they are not good at.

    As it appears to be, there’s no glory in rubbing sholders with Qaim Ali Shah, or Gillani and Zaradri, for that matter. We don’t elect the leaders for rubbing sholders, after being elected for over six terms (30 years).

    We want them to represent us with grace, wisdom and conviction. We expect them to be blunt and enthusiastic when it comes to representation of the region’s issues. We expect them to be astute supporters of justice and equality. We elect them so that they are able to solve our issues, not compound them.

    And if they fail, miserably, in coming up to our expectations, we have the right and authoirty to remind them of what they have failed to do and ask them why they have failed us.

    Had Ghazanfar Ali Khan said in this meeting what he says in his interviews to newspapers and journalists about the realities of our region, in Gilgit and Skardu, I would have been the first to salute him and appreciate him, throwing the PPP – PML divide to hell (a befitting place for such feelings of divisions).

    But in my observation Ghzanfar’s roars and slogans against injustice and inequality that echo in the valleys of Gilgit, turn into short-squeaks of a rat in such high level, important and effective meetings, at such elated platforms.

    Do you want us to praise him and other leaders for their dual standards of assertiveness and truthfullness?


  6. Deat P T team

    I often spare some time to read pamir times. but sorry to say i feel that this ios not a neutral platform. when some body meets with secratary at KANA division Pt alwas hilights it and say that good effort. but when CE or a MDC from hunza or gojal meets with a Minister, CM , PM, or President or attained meetings with them u people are saying photo session. common we remember when that time when your MDC where unable to meet with Assistan commisionor. we remember the time of Nazir Sabir, Wazir Baig and Hajat Mohd what the done for us. can u show a single project. The Answer is no. yes there is one thing that is the” Dry port”. Why you people are not pulling him in court.

  7. Dear Mr. Noor,

    In hind-sight, it’s easy to become an arm-chair critic and point fingers at others about how this should be done or that should be done; or what should have been said or what could have been said! There is a difference between theory and practical reality. Despite having struggling powers as a Chief Executive, he is doing all he can to attain further powers for our people according to our constitutional rights, while at the same time making a presence on behalf of our region in the political circles, while at the same negotiating further funding for present and future development work; and unlike his previous elected members, Mir Ghazanfar is actially given the time, respect and importance of our Government, be it PPP or PML (N) or PML (Q). Be proud of who you are and what you are. When was the last time ANY previously elected member was even seen anywhere close to any president or prime-minister, even if it this is only a photo-session as some people just said? As far as Mr. Qaira is concerned, I belive Mir Ghazanfar deals and talks directly with the PM on issues concerning the Gilgit-Baltistan region.

  8. @ Aman

    Society has place and roles for everyone; be them arm-chair critics (or floor sitting critics), people in disguise vomiting wisdom or the rest.

    The following recent facts speak for themselves.

    1. Subsidy on wheat for Gilgit-Baltistan has been finished or “will be finished gradually”, to quote kaira.

    2. Daily K2 reports budget cut for GB, worth upto Rs 1.75 billion. So, 1.75 bn milked out of 5 bn, already? Can’t our leaders defend?.

    3. Wheat crisis in Gilgit city & vicinity, 40 kg bag @ 1400?? I am sure the leaders representing us in high circles discuss such ‘pety issues’, lest it hurt their status.

    Dear Aman, we have heard these people brazenly lie on TV, saying that there is no educational or wheat or political or rights-related issue in Gilgit – Baltistan. It is a trust deficit that they are not ready to, or capable to compensate.


  9. Mr. Noor,
    Everything has a time and place. This meeting was an inter-ovincial coordination meeting that focused on appointment of administrators in the Local Bodies, reversal to the old magistracy system, deferment of national population and housing census, observance 2010 as national literacy year, improving madarassa system without abolishing it and to have national education policy shortly.

    It is learnt from the PR office of the Chief Executive that he asked for “separate” time from the Prime Minister to address specific issues relating to power crisis, removal of subsidy on wheat etc. in the Gilgit -Baltistan region. You must know that these issues are being faced by the whole country and not only people of Glt-Blt.

    As a leader, one does not discuss region-specific issues on a platform planned for general discussion. The Chief Executive has never “Brazenly” lied publicly about any wheat or energy crisis so its not fair to make such sweeping statments.

  10. Dear Aman

    High level meetings are not for general discussions. The top executive doesn’t reserve meetings for general discussions, it makes decisions and if you are present in these meetings – there has to be a purpose behind it, it is important that something positive for your region is attained, when you are representing a region. What did we attain from this meeting, even if we believe your inside news about “separate time”? Another photo session or the request to allow space in PPP for next election?

    I want to underline the issue of constitutional rights of the people of Gilgit- Baltistan. Isn’t is any irnory that we are not part of Pakistan, after a lapse of 63 years? Isn’t that our most basic issue? Isn’t that a negation of our basic human rights, as citiznes of this state?

    To be equal partners in policy making at the national level, you have to be legal, moral and constitutional part of the nation. And if you are not at that position all your meetins are ceremonial, photo sessions.

    In our case, Aman sb, the reality is that our region, so far, is being governed as the last colony of the world. And that’s an issue which Ghazanfar doesn’t have th guts to raise at such high levels. He is quick to label others as ‘anti-state” or “traitors” but keeps pursuing his anti – social policies vis a vis nepotism and corruption. Look at the case inquiry against him and his son ordered by president of the National Bank of Pakistan!!

    And, by the way, I am sure the PR office (God knows where it is) will have politically correct statements to make in this regard.

    Wheat, Magistracy, Water, Power and the rest are common throughout South Asia and rest of the world. Agreed. But does commonality of issues justify inaction?

    Magistracy system has been the rule in our regoin. We were never put on the local bodies’ track, because we are a controversial regoin – look at the fate of 14th August 2008’s Bill of Rights presented in the National Assembly by Marvi Memon. WIth consensus the house rejected our bill of rights. I am sure you are aware of it.

    So was our presence relevant at the “inter-provincial coordination meeting”??

    The issues are deeper than you imagine and those at the helm of affairs are just cursors; not even their real selves. I wish Ghazanfar had the valor and conviction of Raja Gohar Aman or Safdar Ali Khan, or the wisdom of Thara Baig. We may, at least, have been able to sustain our dignity and self respect.

    Today the reality is that we have neither the ameneties of life, nor our self respect. Thanks to our senseless and visionless leadership, who are happy brushing sholders with their masters, instead of the voters.


  11. What’s the use of an accession to Pakistan that “was made in 1948”, and is still pending?? What’s bothering me is that through photographs and photo sessions the people of my region are being fooled by the establishment, through its cronies.

    What’s bothering me is “a representation eyewash” that this meeting was, at the most. Even if Aman Ali was made sit there, plus donning a white cap and a feather, I would have still despised that and raised my voice.


  12. What is really bothering you here? The fact that Mir Ghazanfar is representing Glt-Blt on a top level Government platform and not someome else? After your character assassination, it not only seems like you despise the current leadership but also sadly ignore the fact that his father Late Mir Mohammad Jamal Khan willing acceded Hunza State to Quaid-a-Azam in 1948. The willingness of this family to join hands with Pakistan was long before you and I were born my friend. Today, whether we have constitutional rights or not is a more deep-rooted, politically charged issue than either of us would like. Glt-Blt is a sensitive region linked to the never-ending Kashmir struggle; which I don’t see being resolved in this lifetime. So to play the blame game, like i stated earlier, will not resolve any issue. Any leader is as strong as his supporters are, and only once they carry him on their shoulders, with respect, can we expect a change.

    Moreover, almost every elected representative seated on the platform with the Prime Minister belongs to different political parties. This was not a stage show for PPP officials.

  13. @ Aman
    Dont impress us by saying that he has contacts with prime minister or other ministers. He uses his contacts for his personal gains as to right off his loans, Transfers and suspension of employees, appointment of SHOs and ACs etc. He does not know how to speak with a normal personthen how come he can convince a politician. He was never been a leader and will never b one. If he got guts and qualities of a leader then he would b our Mir but he spent his childhood beating the drums and playing music so what u expect from a person with such a low profile mental level.

  14. When Gazani was elected 5 years ago his first demand was to get the vehicle with NA#1 number plate. How come this man can fight for our rights. He only fights for his personnal rights and thinks that the rest go to hell as his ancestors did.

  15. Mr Farhad Baig,

    You would know that he asked for the number plate “NA 1” on his vehicle because you work in the Gilgit deparment of vehicle registration? The car and the number were allotted to him by the government.

    I assure you that today, if Mr. Nazir Sabir was sitting in this “photo-session” he would have become a national hero, or anyone else for that matter.

  16. Dear All,

    Mr. Ghazanfar deserves respect being Chief Executive Of Glt-Blt but it does not mean that people can not criticize him. he is not a ruling MIR anymore rather an elected representative. an eleceted representative has to be answerable to public.
    I personally think that we could have achieved a alot for Gil-blt – in terms of constitutional rights, in musharaf’s term. It was only the political leasership that was incapable to do so, headed by Mr. Mir Sahib.

    Can you imagine, the lagislative assembly was completed after 18 months of general elections?? what kind of contacts Mir Sahib has??
    it was marvee mamon who actually led a team of local lagislature, except Mir Sahib, to meet the Prime minister.
    well there are a lot of things that could be counted but it is all worthless. the assembly has to be dissolved in a month or soo.. therefore look for future but learn from your mistakes…

    The point is, we need to have visionary and learned individuals to lead us or represent us. its difficult to find one because visionary and learned people rarely have political standing. therfore who ever comes we can make them accountable now onwards through our critism and legal demands.

  17. I totaly agree with Aman Hunzai. by the way how many people read this web site. i think few who had no vote. what is wrong if he is using vehicale # NA 1. what was the condition of office of CE and other members in the periods of PIR. NASHAD, QURBAN.
    there offices were like sevent quarters.

  18. @ Aman
    I dont work for vehicle department but the local newspaper had published the story of his mental level. We neitherr heared nor read any news regarding his struggle for the right of people but we usually read the stories of his corruption and asking for commission from contractors and not paying electricity bills.
    What a leader unfortunately we got.

  19. @ Aman
    Read today’s article at pamirtimes and u will know what kind of crimes ur leader is commiting to the local people to make money. Did u realize that and if not it is genocide by ur leader.

  20. @Aman…. as you said “if Mr. Nazir Sabir was sitting in this “photo-session” he would have become a national hero” defiantly he would have become national hero because he is from us, his roots are in poor people, and they are working for the betterment of this area. I am not the supporter of Nazir or wazir but I am telling you the fact, any leader from the normal people of Hunza is my hero but not this thoughtless person which you guys calling mir. have you ever saw this guy coming to meet his area people asking them about their problems? No… and it is very difficult to meet him in his office so how we expect that he will work for us.

    2nd you are saying that he is elected member of the area. no doubt he is our elected member. but you know how he was elected, 3 months before that election he came to my village and told people that he is gona win this election and will be deputy chief executive. he told us whether you are giving me vote or not Parvez Musharf and Nisar Memon are my friends and they will give me vote. so you are saying that he win that election with our vote. how he had information that he is going to win. That was a game from higher authorities they need a puppet like him who need good car, flat, protocol and has no any concern for his people or area.

  21. @ Holanas
    this is the mental level of their leader and his supporters struggling for cheap things like offices and cars. If previous leaders were living in servant quarters then they were serving people and this man living in a luxurious office collecting bribes and money for himself.

  22. Could you tell us the high level of your leaders and their suporters. you are telling about serving the public what they do for the public. That leaders who had not the ability to meet with and Assistant commsioner. what are their achivements. there is one thing if you have any proof of miscouduting of funds. Why you are not pulling him in cout.

  23. I am a Hunzukutz, presently, living in Islamabad Though; I am not a political analyst but a concern nationalist. I therefore ask your excuse if by any mean offend you or hurt your feelings.

    Hunza is an identity to all of us and especially to people like me who earned not only the livelihood but also name by selling the brand “Hunza.” so in that sense, I owe a lot to my homeland and I am sure most of you feel the same way.

    I feel so proud that we have professionals in all disciplines of life and happy to see the caliber and level of thinking and the concern for the future of Hunza.

    First, we should not be too much worried that what will be our political future, as we have you (youngsters) with so much potential and capabilities and secondly, no nation fails if there base “middle class” is strong and vibrant. The time machine will automatically refine/define the political leadership. The raw material we have is of highest quality – so for me it is of a least concern.

    However, yes, it is our national duty to groom this talent and mould them as political leaders of tomorrow. The debate should be focused on the issue of bringing up a visionary leader – to me it would be waste of time if we indulge and argue in petty issue of who is hero and who is zero. This debate will not give us leadership- such debates will be disastrous for our nation, take the example of Baghdad, which was once center of learning, but what has become the cause of the fall of Baghdad was “Munazira” debates to prove that whether crow is Halal or Haram.

    All our political leaders of past and today were not properly supported by the masses – we gave them votes and waited for them to do miracles – what I am trying to say is that our expectations were always high. Our past leaders whether it is Mir, Nazir or Wazir they have all tried their best. Our expectations were high therefore, we are disappointed, otherwise their caliber is at par with any other political leader of national level, and secondly, they were not very fortunate like other leaders whose constituent are illiterate and Mazaris but their constituent are highly educated motivated with political ideology.

    Now it is time for us to experience a very new approach in bringing up a leadership who should be visionary and gives direction to nation. We should not go for leader who promises us roads, hospitals, and jobs but put us on a right path to be successful nation of 21st century. Such leaders are not available in markets; we are the ones who will customize them according to our national requirement. Our debate should be focused on bring up this leadership from gross route level and I am very positive we will find not only one but also many. We should stop blaming each other on the election/selection of the past leaders. Whether they were good or bad they have become the part of history, we should only discuss them to learn lessons

    Thank you for your patience.

  24. Dear Amjad Ayub,

    I appreciate your comments about leadership, for me it is an one million dollar advise.
    I am sure we will have a bright future, because youngsters like you are among us to enlighten us with such ideas.
    Your comment is filled with strong positive knowledge. I hope the rest will follow you.

    Sher ali hunzai

  25. Thank you Mr. Sher Ali Hunzai, your kind words are of great support. I am optimistic about the future, Inshallah we will have illustrious leadership, it is just a matter of time.

    Best of luck


  26. Dear All
    From the very inception of so called NA election system based on the demise of the “princely state”, during / before of theses so-called elections, every adobe of this region significantly in Hunza, the need for real leader / right elected representative has been campaigned / propagated, but at the end a “brainless (I mean Gazani)” leader wins the game (based on what so ever tact) and again the region get into shadow for a next couple of years or every body engages themselves in their adherent / respective domains. It, s been happening since the very start.
    But now the things have been changed, scenarios have been changed, every adobe / dweller of this region is well versed about the sensitivity of the current time and can better analysis / forecast for the future. it,s the most crucial time based on the assessment of the current situations, We need to set our goals / targets for our future, for our future generations, for which we need to figure out right now. We need to bring forward the right leaders regardless of our trivial regional / local conflicts / contradictions. The whole past history is in front of us, now every adobe / dweller got a significant mantle calibre based on significantly developed education level in the region and we need to look forward without wasting the time in proving either wazir was a real leader or ghazani is a dump leader.
    It ‘s the time to bring a change in our region in the perspective of leadership who can make a real difference and need to put our actual contribution and support him in his further progressive ideology and positive ventures.
    Indeed as usual, tremendous political advertisements would be in progress regarding their upcoming plans for roads, bridges etc, which is being happening since long ago with the start of every election. But only these roads / bridge constructions are not our substantial / fundamental objectives; our objectives are; to bring our whole region at a level of the rest of the country in the perspective of constitutional rights, basic citizenship rights and self- determination rights.
    Bottom line is we need a visionary, well educated, focused, nationalist approach pertaining profile and resilient leader, who can lead us in real sense and @ level for the betterment of the region.
    @ end, based on aforesaid paragraphs, I therefore ask your excuse if by any mean offend you or hurt your feelings.

  27. @ Amjed Ayub

    Very optimistic ideas but the concern is that the next elections are very close and there is no visible leadership on board. The political institutions mould the leadership while we have no any political platform. So from where the ideal leader will come. Would he b another ayasho picked up from a non locality. If we r serious about leadership then we have to establish and organize a political plateform from where a genuine leader can arise but we r much behind in this race. My guess is that we would be still depending on Mirs, Wazirs and Nazirs and other intruders for decades till we take this issue seriously rather than waiting and wishing or praying to have someone fallen from skies as our history speaks.

  28. @Amjad Ayub & Aman Ali Shah
    Gazani and public affairs!
    There are those who talk about the greatness of Gazani and would wish him to rule over them forever, these people have few arguments to justify their point of view. These people seem to have fallen in love with Gazani’s personality for what ever reason because they would like him to be our leader, wherever he is regardless of a critical reassessment of his achievements and failures. And there are those who talk about consistent failure of Gazani to carve out a respectable place for himself within his community.
    To give a credit to those who appreciate Gazani tend to view his achievements in terms of his personal profile, his ability to make friendships with members of Pakistani political establishment and the so called influence that he holds over Pakistani bureaucracy. Those who question Gazani’s leadership put forward arguments that seek to evaluate his performance over the last two decades against high hopes and expectations that everyone attached with him. Against objective criteria Guzamfar’s leadership at the helm of Hunza’s political affairs remains very very disappointing. Over the years out of eight elections at least six times he has been elected our representative, the only two terms occupied once by Nazir and Wazir sahip respectively. If somebody has been given so many chances but achieved so little should not only be discarded but he should stand trail and he should be made answerable to his failures.
    In a comment below someone has raised the idea of futility of holding ‘Munazira’ or debates and compared it with the halal-haram debate in medieval Baghdad. Yes it is true that those kinds of debates did indeed hold back progress of Muslim civilization but I would not question the whole idea of holding and engaging in debates. In the courts of Abbasid caliphs the terms of debate in Munazrias was wrong, rather than the ethic of engaging in critical dialogues. If the young generation of our region today seeks an open, critical debate around issues of good governance, our basic constitutional rights, the processes of strengthening local institutions, and ideas about promoting and generating local economic systems then these debates will serve as great vehicles of change. I don’t understand the point that we should hold back from debates…?Does Mr Amjad want us to accept things at face value and get on with our daily life as business as usual. I agree that all of us should pursue our individual goals as diligently and with as much hard work as it is possible but this does not mean that we cut off ourselves from the questions, issues, and problems of the wider society. Gazani is at the helm of power, and we are not attacking or questioning him for his personal or individual goals but we are asking legitimate questions as to why he is messing in the public affairs? If he puts forward himself as a leader then it is the responsibility of every single conscious individual to subject Gazani to the public questioning. If he or his followers cannot stand the test of public questioning then he should abandon the throne.

    ali al-Hakim

  29. That website does not mention the lootings and misuse of the dryport funds by Gazani and his son. No records of 50 millions stolen funds with fake documents and signatures. Even it did not mention the disappearance of his son since then. It is a good foto session though.

  30. @admirer of gazanfar

    It it is a pity that you define yourself not by demonstrating who you actually are but by slavishly ‘admiring’ gazanfar and his kin. Anyway that is your choice: no amount of reasonable arguments would convince people like you to change your minds. However since you try to portray one aspect of Gazani’s achivements in Sost dry port why not check out the following videos which shows the real face of this selfish ‘so called’ Mir.
    Listen to the poor women who talks about the misery of ordinary people.

    ali al-Hakim

  31. Dear Mr.Ali al-Hakim:

    I appreciate your concern about the political leadership, but please go through again the comments I have made. Nowhere, I have tried to defend Mir Ghazanfar by appreciating him for his achievements. We both think in harmony like Engr. Farman Karim and Mr. Farhad. Please read the last paragraph of my comments where I have argued to look for a very new experience. The reason I made that comment is I am also disappointed with performance of Mir Ghanzanfar, may be he was good to bring more funds, better infrastructure, but that is not our need, our need is a visionary and dynamic political leader who is able get us the basic human rights under the constitution of Pakistan. If we keep debating on the past leaders, we will end up nowhere. Therefore, may I suggest here to ask young professionals to come forward with a political agenda to address the issues, which my dear brothers have highlighted in their comments/remarks and we should then debate on their vision of future Hunza. To shortlist a candidate, we should run an opinion poll and the one who gets the highest vote for their manifesto should be our candidate and we all support him. He may not be able to win this election, but a chance to groom an alternate leadership. Again, I am saying that our debates on blogs and internet will not do any good to change the leadership unless we take a practical step.

  32. @ Admirer of Ghazenfer:
    Indeed very good pics with the former president posturing all ready to take the credit for its configuration / completion of this whole project, but where it shows the corruption made by the whole gang lead by ghazenfer and where it shows that ghazenfer’s son has sacked the whole setup to get the bank loan through fake docs for his personal business. This pic is not any manifestation of credibility for ghazenfer. Such attempts always get fail to convince/ stimulate the mass; it’s obvious that today every profile has got an extended level of analytical approach and aptitude.
    The most significant way to “analyze the weight age of mass inclination” is conducting a web poll (as Mr. Amjad has indicated), based on consent of the election contesting profiles.


    Engr.Farman Karim

  33. Mr. Amjad Ayub,

    It’s quite simple to live in Islamabad and raise concern about how policies should be implemented. It should come as no surprise to you that during the past 3 decades, the federal establishment has never let the Northern Areas come into the lime-light, be it the elected representatives or the people of the region. The Northern Areas has served as an undeclared fifth province, almost like a step-child.

    If it is not the Chief Secretary of NA’s, or the Home Secretary NA’s, then the Minister KANA who are all trying to impose their rule over the region. Somewhere in the middle of it all, you have an elected Chief Executive who is also trying to assert his role despite having all the odds against him.

    It’s easy to blame an individual by saying he has no vision, before making such sweeping statements, one should also understand that its the people who’s voice is echoed through their leader.

    When was the last time any population from the Northern Areas demonstrated anywhere in the country (including their own soil) for any consitutional rights etc.?

  34. Dear Aman Sahib:

    I wish, if you read again my both comments below. I have said that the stature of Mir Sahib is as high as any other political leader of national level. Here we are not only debating as voters but also as politically motivated individuals, therefore we expect more from our political leadership. I am happy that he has at least earned a due protocol of Chief Executive for himself. If I compare him with Mr. Nashad and Pir Sahib, he is stronger leader who has easy access to high offices of Islamabad. Therefore, our expectation were high that he will not only get us a school, college and bridge but speak for the political rights of deprived people of Gilgit-Baltistan. It was not Mir Sahib only who failed on this front but the entire elected political leadership of Gilgit-Baltistan, who instead of backing their leader of the house they followed the political agenda of Ms. Memon. Again, blame comes to the leader of the house; he should have that charisma to bring the masses to the streets to press the central government instead of just shaking hands with President and Prime Minster. This act of him would have earned more respect then a photo session. Please also note that Mir is very near and dear to me, but that does not mean that I become admirer of him for all his deeds.

  35. Very positive approach and fair comments by kako Amjed being very much close to the Mir. I agree that our leaders vision now should be above than constructing bridges and roads as we r moving into the era of new great game where we would have a greater part and involvement being the inhabitants of that so called energy corridor. These Mirs, zirs and Amans r not competente nough to lead us in this new era of 21 century. We been voting for Mir for decades assuming that he has good contacts with establishment and beaurocracy which would b beneficial to the general public but he never used such contacts for the benefit of people. I witness that he always uses such contacts negatively to file FIRs against his opponents and transferring poor Grade 1 employees and teachers in past.
    If we still honour such people with our votes then we Hunzukuz would be collecting garbage on the newly constructed railway stations and cleaning pipeline stations and our so called leaders would b disappeared with their illegal wealth by then.

  36. Dear Farhat.
    We all are discussing about a good and visionery leader. As the elections are due in October or November is there a good leader in the area why we are not discussing abot them. we have to high light that leader.

  37. Today the whole world has emerged into a global village, where each pocket is no more isolated. Today, across the globe scenarios are getting change with a steep momentum emitting their affects across the world. In such frame of structure, we need a leader, who should be compatible with this current era as well as bears a potential for forecasting decades ahead scenarios.

    I agree with Farhad Baig in his reviews / comments. Couple of weeks ago a web poll was being conducting on PT, couple of interested candidates were there. Among those candidates, Noor Muhammad was also there. In my opinion he is the right candidate for what we are expecting from a right leader, we need to support him in his endeavor.

  38. Let’s forget about the past waste our time anymore, lets be realistic about our political system. It is need of the day that we start over a new party which has nothing to do with the mainstream political parties, as i thing there is no difference of the present leadership of national political parties and the ones we are having right now.

    Let’s start a new day and start thinking like other educated population as we claim we are above 80% educated population comprising of youth. Let’s be united from Khyzarabad to Zuwothkhoon, Misghar and Shimshat. Be it Only HUNZA comprising of its three major ethnic population carrying equal status.

    I have no reason to a failure if we are clear in our vision to see Hunza a place where every one can live with dignity, pride and peace. Our tool be Education and our motto be a corruption free, tolerant, prosperous and forward looking united nation of Hunza.

    Can it happen one day….!!!!

  39. No doubt, Mr. Noor Mohammad is one good candidate but I would like to suggest that instead of naming people at this stage it would be better if we create TORs for the possible candidate and then debate on their strengths and weaknesses. This will help us to filter the candidate through the screen of TORs. It will also help to eliminate the personal favoritism under the curses of Baradari, Party, and Faith

  40. I am introduce to this website by my dear friend Farhad. I will have to read a lot of your comments before making my own. I am glad to see all of you gentlemen and I hope ladies too understand the fact about where we are at this stage in Pakistan. Just by getting a face in so called high up doesn’t do anything for us. We are exactly where we were on OUR INDEPENDENCE DAY. I am not talking about Pakistan independence day. We have had ruler ruling us and then the family because we had to be loyal to the family. What would our elder feel if we were to pick an intelligent person amongst us. No we didn’t instead we are sheep and the masters will lead us to the gates of HELL.
    Time to wake up and do something about out situation.

    I want to thank all of you to be part of this great forum on ideas and I hope we will accomplish something in near future.
    God Bless you all and keep on typing.

    A lost Hunzkutz from Chicago.

  41. I dont blame the leaders at all , we are the ones choosing the leaders …. if he is Mir he is also hunza language it? so the people have no unity to fight their rights. I totaly blame the simple north people.

    If u have unity than u can even make the donkey work , the dog but no unity no one direction no manzil . no matter mir of hunza or mir of china or mir of england it is the people they should wake up
    if the child cries than the mother goes n feeds the child or shakes the child to sleep or keep quite.

    We are always sleeping every where no action at all

  42. @Naseer:
    To some extent, I disagree with your submitted comment Naseer Sb, if we go back to decades long his (Mir’s) winning records, you will see that majority of the elections have been won based on unconventional / external influences.
    So, we can,t blame the people only.!!!!!!!
    Engr.Farman Karim

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