Four Gojali females to represent Hunza in Volley Ball Tournament

Our Special Correspondent

Four female players belonging to Gojal Valley have been selected, finally, to represent Hunza region in a sports tournament being organized in Karachi by AKYSB, P in connection with Golden Jubilee Celebrations of His Highness the Aga Khan IV.

Teams from across Pakistan are participating in this tournament. The event will be held during the last week of December at Aga Khan University Sports Center, in Karachi. 

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  1. Such a woundefull new that Four of our sisters are representing hunza volleyball team. Thats jus gr8 and now females are also taking intrest in sports activities..
    Keep it up!

  2. Wow, this is a great news that our girls are participating sports. I am curious to know who are those brave girls. Please, mention their names and congratulate them for exploring a new area of interest. Excellent.

  3. it is wonderful to find the female of Gojal active in every shapere of life.We should feel proud to be the daughter of such a socitey that really respects and provide oppotunites for the development of women.

  4. My dear sisters,
    many many congretulations for addinig a new chapter in the history of our region. You have embarked on an ambition that would really trigger many reluctant minds to atleast think of possibilities that some still think as futile.

    You girls are really brave and courageous.keep it up and don’t hasitate as is your quality that would place you somewhere which is beyond the vision of an ordinary man.

    keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i m very glad to know that females are also participating
    in sports conducted on national level.i wish all of them all
    the very best and expect much more.

  6. Dear Ironic Women of Gojal,

    Wonderful Job! SHABASHH!!
    I am very glade to know that we the Gojalis are the superb community in every sphere of live. From mountainous life to sports life, in education, in our faith, and in our good wills and the spirit of honorary services for our community. May Mowla give you the ironic strength to be an International sportswomen in your lives(Aameen). Please let us know who these lucky girls are?

    Congratulations on your best efforts again and Good Luck for your prosperity in your life,

    Shamim Ali
    Boston USA

  7. it is heartening to konw that after all gojali women come to participate in the games though their male copunterparts are nowehre in any game that are arranged at local and regional level in NAs. one hopes they will also get their male concivnced to come out of their comfort zones.

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