Rupani Development Foundation to bring ‘Power Projects’ for Gilgit – Baltistan, Brig. (Retd) Hisam Ullah Baig

“Rupani Development Foundation” is planning to bring in entrepreneurs for Power projects in the Northern Areas. Brig. (retd.) Hisam Ullah Baig, SI (M), vice president of the foundation, has informed Pamir Times about the foundations’s future plans.  According to him there are questions about “safety of the investment” that need policy level consideration. In a letter addressed to the KANA division the foundation has sought clarification about govermental policies for private power generation investment.

Government quarters have said that a policy is being formulated in this regard for Gilgit – Baltistan  and would, shortly, be submitted to the Chief Executive, Ghazanfar Ali Khan, for approval.

Rupani Development Foundation can do the people of northern areas a great service by filling the energy gap, especially during the cold winters. However, the viabilty of such projects is being questioned on the grounds that already the government has either completed or is starting a lot of hydro power generation plants through out the region. Besides it is being said that private investors are largely concerned about their profits and the public might not be in a position to pay their bills. A week ago we saw a shutter down protest in Gilgit against raise in power terrifs.  The question being asked is what different would the Rupani’s offer to power starved land of glaciers, wind and torrents!

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  1. It might be agood step to introduce private sector in Power generation but,the quesrion is buying power,specially if the government asks for taxes from the Northern Areas after declaring its status as province or part of any province etc,then no investor can come here.The only thng that attracts an investor into the Northern Areas is Tax Free Zone.But it is not a sustainable thing.Sooner or Later the Government will take taxes after declaring any kind of status to the people in near future.Because the present interim government has given some clues and pour national foriegn policy is also changing on Northern Areas as Part of Kashmir towards an independant entitiy in its history and joiner to the state in 1947.
    This policy endorses the theme to give a status apart from the kashmir problem.
    So.,though I appreciate the efforts of Brig(Retd).Hassamullah Beg Sahab but I fear if it result in any kind of risky activity just resulted from a patriotical motivation that could miss sometimes the logical framework and risk profit. measurements.
    As we often see the in leadership of retire Hawaldars and Subidars in Politcal and Social arena at village level where they seem less successful due to over enthusiasim and less calculations of risks because social and political affairs may vary from that of the miltary manevours in in the startigic arena in the frontlines.
    But I personally pray for the best with Brigadir (retd)Sahab.
    Amir Ali

  2. The end of the line itself gives the hint unknowingly. The question being asked is what different would the Rupani’s offer to power starved land of glaciers, wind and torrents! Wind as the source of power can be a strong advocate. Solar Panels are also good but due to the close proximity of the mountains the light time in Northern Areas is not good. Wind power is costly but pays good. Surveys have shown that wind power is a dominant factor when it comes to mountainous regions.The most productive wind energy regions generally fall in mountain or coastal terrains. I would like the Rupani Development Foundation to concentrate on the wind factor and see the hotspots generally extremely high in passes surrounded by close mountains. As one can understand the close proximity to mountains focuses the wind in a narrow tunnel and through Bernoulli equation we know that when the area is minimized the velocity increases.

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