KithZhit celebrated in Gulmit


GULMIT – People in Gojal valley have been braving the cold weathers, made worst by the lack of electricity and other sources of energy. But at last they had something to celebrate. The seasonal festival of “Kitzhit” was celebrated with cultural zeal in Gulmit, Gojal yesterday, to welcome the spring. Ironically, though, light snow fell in Gulmit on the same day. 

Hundreds of People gathered near the community center and celebrated the arrival of spring by praying, playing “Tuksuri” and eating special dishes prepared for the ocassion. Other villages, up northwards, would celebrate the festival within the coming days. PAMIR TIMES offers a very happy KITHZHIT MUBORAK to all its readers.

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  1. SHOGUN BOHOR MUBORAK WOSST, WOZI UMMID KI SURIGAV NEE NAGARAR RUWON KAIRTH,, savar khkhtar bohor muborak,, sakash gafch tuksuri din miss saran, haha haha

  2. HAPPY KHITZHIT to all of you. Surely, the hibernating winter is now towards the end and a new season is welcoming all of us.

    Hope, we will not forget our long run traditions to celebrate different festivals and ceremonies. As these are our identity.

  3. My all beloved ones (Gulmitic), Kithzhit celebration mubarak ho. May God give happiness and joy this year to each one of you with your families (Aamin). Miss you all. Regards

  4. Shogun muborak savar khuktar.
    It is really important to promote and sustain our rituals and mutuals as part of our good practices of past.In my view it is not just the celebtation of an event rather there is a essense or a mening behind such events that must be clearly understood and the message that depicts is totally based on optimism and changes for a noble cause.
    Life becomes more alluring when is equiped with such beautiful events which really get down to the very depth of our soul and give us an emotional touch and sense of belongingness.
    The internal manifestation of such emotions is ultimately a source of contentment and well being.
    I m really proud of our ancestral practices which have agrandized before me as an ocean of spirits,good will,fraternity and moreover spritual affiliation.
    I hope that where ever we are and whatever we are doing,we must not forget the very charming and awesome ancestral practices which are really a source of inspiration.
    Best of luck for a better tomorrow
    Aslam Khan Ghalib
    Student of molecular Genetics,Lahore,Pak

  5. It is really nice that inspite of harsh weather and lack of electricity
    people of Gojal give value to our cutlutre and in Europe now a days we are celebrating Carneval wich the people really celebrate with zeal and Enthusaism

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