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NAs Spring Festival startrs 21 March (Asghar Khan)


Northern Areas Tourism Department has announced the schedule for the Spring Festival 2008. The festival will celebrated from March 21 to April 21, 2008 accoringly:   

GILGIT DISTRICT                21– 30 MARCH

SKARDU DISTRICT              21– 26 MARCH

DIAMER DISTRICT               3 – 6 April

GHIZER DISTRICT               7 – 10 April

GHANCHE DISTRICT            11-14 April

ASTORE DISTRICT              15-19 April 

Closing ceremony               April 21,  Gilgit 

Main events will include: Polo Tournament , Women Mela, Traditional Food Competition,  Cultural Musical Night,  Mushaira, Trout Fishing Competition Marathon Race,  Local Traditional Games,  Football/ Hockey/ Cricket Tournaments.

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  1. its great to knw..offcourse it will help to represent their respecive culture, as wel as promote toursim and attract tourists towards NA, which is badly affected by the current situation of pakistan.

    malang jon

  2. this is a fantastic event celebrated for the past couple of years. apart from cultural conservation, it also helps tourism promotion in the region. just one thing, I would like to share with the organizers; the trout fishing segment should be ommited from list. from January till mid June is the breeding season.

    I organized the first pamir festival in Sarhad-e-Brughil, Wakhan valley last year. we got amazing feed-back both from the local population as well as from the tourists. this year the date has been fixed on 10-12 July 2008. I hope we will be able to receive performers both from Pakistan and Tajikistan. So let us hope these festivals move in the right direction in the future ahead. thanks a lot Asghar bhai for sharing the details with us.

  3. it seems cultuyre of NAs has been embodied in Gojal and pictures were selective by the asgher khan the marketing manager of Serena who has been taking every event to his being a Gojali benefit in the name of this and that. the network is amazing and and amazingly working on the lines of “micro zionism” the moutnain experience.
    kindly extend scope to the rest of the NAs.

  4. Very interesting terminology, “micro Zionism.” I wonder if it there is some sort of resemblance or relationship between this terminology and the efforts of Pamirtimes or Zionism basically is an international political movement that regards the Jews as a national entity and seeks to preserve that entity. This has primarily focused on the creation of a homeland for the Jewish People in the Promised Land, and (having achieved this goal) continues as support for the modern state of Israel. On the other hand pamirtimes is an effort of few, not more than 3 or 4 students for information sharing. It is not something to manipulate public opinion or advocate/endorse any particular regional, ethnic, religious or political agenda. This effort is very effective in bringing forth issues related to the entire Northern Areas, not only Gojal or any small village in the region. So far this one picture is concern one must appreciate each and every color of the area. It does not represent only Gojal but the entire region, the same is with another pictures, news and postings. I am not sure that raja has used this word intentionally or without considering its true nature. It must be a slip of figures….

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