Speaker GBLA, Wazir Baig, to take oath as interim governor GB

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Islamabad, September 18: Speaker of the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly, Wazir Baig, will be sworn in as interim governor of Gilgit – Baltistan on September 20, in accordance with the law.

The speaker will hold this position and exercise the powers till appointment of a governor.

The seat of governor has been vacant due to demise of Dr. Shama Khalid, the first governor of Gilgit – Baltistan.

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  1. its indeed a great loss to the region,we have been unfortunate that our first Lady Governor passed away,though its Natural system and every one has to accpt the law of Nature and Heaven!
    May her soul rest in Peace!
    further i would wish to put my comment that
    My all time ideal and real mountaineer,a true leader and a living legend ,great son of Gilgit Pakistan and pride of Pakistan, its the right time,to take the right action, because great NAZIR SABIR, richely deserve to be GOVERNOR of Pakistan, i have raised my voice and appeal to the people and government that Mr.Nazir sabir is the rigt person for this Position, and the region greatly need him to come forward to work for the betterment of the society and region,,i am very optimist that he is the person can lead the region toward Better off!
    i would sincerely appeal to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and government that this the appropriate time to give the great leader and living legend time and endorse his great service to the people .

  2. Dear MR Mirza ALI and DIDAR ALI
    you are once again taking wrong decision NAZIR SABIR could be a good CLIMBER but being a politician he is zero he is one of those ediots who enjoyed the situation when GOJAL was going under water in Islamabad with gernal FAROOQ
    he played a very negative role in the current situation i totally dis agree with u for this decison

  3. I agree with Imran. Nazir Sabir has no sympathy for the people of Hunza or GB, but for the establishment and his cronies. He spent his time and efforts making happy the NDMA chief during the disaster instead of joining with the people.

  4. @ imran
    Be positive,

    Nazir Sabir is deserving person to be a Governor, I don’t think so there is any other person can face Information desk, media properly, Even you people can watch & listen our C.M speech and his answers , you can judge him yourself we don’t need like that people who can’t talk & reply properly.
    Should be there person with working expertise, who can talk and answer, May be Shigri is better than Nazir Sabir.

  5. @Nadeem
    I don’t think just being positive and waiting for Allah to do something is enough, and we don’t want someone who can just speak and answer and talk. We want someone who can deliver, someone who has sympathy with the people rather than the establishment, someone who can prove himself through rather than speak speak and speak the tongue of the bureaucracy.

  6. Despite all my political diffrences, Mr. Nazir Sabir is the national hero and our heads are high because of people like him.
    calling idiot to our hero’s shows the level of commitment, respect, inspiration and love towards our mother land.
    Mr. Imran. if you can not respect the national hero, you have no right to use so low words for Mr. Nazir Sabir.
    Don’t forget the day when he took the flag of our country to the highest place of the world.
    Shame on you for such remarks. At least you have become too a small man in my eyes after reading you.
    Be careful when you speak.
    Irfanullah Baig

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