Eid al – Adha Mubarak


Eid Mubarak to Pamir Times readers


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  1. May this festival of Eid Ul Adha bring peace to our country, Pakistan

    Eid Mubarik to the whole Pamiri community around the world




    ” The pilgrims had returned, reverenced and honoured,

    giving thanks to God for His compassion and mercy,

    from the dangers and hardships of the Arabian journey,

    and saved – no doubt – from hell and painful chastisement,

    having walked from Arafat to Mecca and answered

    the pilgrim s call with joy, having performed

    all the duties of the Hajj and retuned home

    hale and hearty. I decided to go and welcome them back

    but I m afraid I asked too many questions

    and put my foot in it. Among the caravan, one

    was a particular friend of mine, a dear man.

    Tell me how you made it through this dangerous

    journey I said.All the time you have been away

    I ve had nothing but sorrow for companionship.

    Congratulations, Haji! There s no one like you

    in our whole province, I m sure. Tell me

    how you visited that sacred place, with what

    honour and dignity you beheld it. Tell me

    about the donning the pilgrim s robe, and what

    your inner intentions were at that moment.

    Did you prohibit to yourself everything other

    than the Eternal Lord?

    Well . . . . no , he admitted.

    Did you answer the call out of knowledge

    and with due reverence? Did you hear the summons

    of the Lord, and answer back, like Moses?

    Well . . . . um . . .

    At Arafat, when in the presence of God, did

    you welcome His Knower, and the denyer of your self?

    Did the breeze of Gnosis blow upon your you?

    . . . uh . . . to tell the truth I . . .

    When you sacrificed the obligatory sheep

    did you see yourself in proximity to Him

    and think of the sheep as your carnal soul?

    My what? I say . . .

    When you entered the Sacred Grounds were you safe

    from the evil of your lower self and from the sorrow

    of separation, the chastisement of Hell?

    You see, actually . . . .

    When you threw stones at the Accursed One

    did you fling out of yourself all bad habits

    and reprehensible acts?

    Umm . . . um . . .

    When you prayed at the Station of Abraham

    did you, in truth, faith and certitude, submit

    the very core of your being to the Absolute?

    The what?

    At the time of circumambulation, when you

    were no doubt running around fast as an ostrich,

    did you remind yourself of the circling cherubim

    around the Celestial Throne?

    Really, Nasir, what . . .?

    Did you behold in your purity of heart the Two Worlds

    and become inwardly free of both Paradise and Hell?

    NO, NO, NO!

    Now that you have come back, is your heart

    pained by separation from the Kaaba?

    Did you bury your selfish ego in the tomb

    . . . or are you still no better than a

    decaying bag of bones?

    I must admit

    he answered,that in all these matters

    I seem not to have known the true from the false.

    Then, my friend , I said,you have not made

    a pilgrimage, and have not taken up residence

    in the Abode of Annihilation. You have simply

    visited Mecca and come back, having purchased

    the toils of the desert with your silver.

    If you ever go again, bear in mind

    all that I have said. ”

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