BB’s Chehlum Observed in Passu Gojal





PASSU GOJAL, Feb 7: Hundreds of party workers, supporters and democracy lovers assembled in Passu Valley to pay their tributes to the slain leader of Pakistan Peoples Party, on her Chehlum. Prayers were offered for the departed soul.

DAWN reports, contrary to the information we earlier obtained, that workers and leaders from Giligt and Nagar valley could not reach Passu because of a raod blockade near Chikas and other similar engagements in Gilgit city. However, telephonic messages were sent by senior PPPP leaders Syed Jafer Shah, Muhammad Musa (Gilgit), Syed Mehdi Shah (Skardu), Muhammad Ali Akhtar (Nagar) and Aftab Haider (Gilgit). Wazir Baig, Ghulam Muhammad, Hikmat Nazar, Doulat Amin, Karim Khan, Arab Khan, Abuzar Ali, Hajat Muhammad, Rauf, Pervez, Ghulam Amin, Ghadir Shah, Haider Tai, Syed Ullah,  Ali Aman Gojali, Abdullah Bai and Farman Razi were some of the speakers.

Speakers highlighted the sacrifices of Bhutto family for democracy and asserted that Pakistan’s future was democracy and the Bhuttos, along with their party members, had been fighting for the futrue of Pakistan. This, they said, was not acceptable for the enemies of democracy.

Ghazanfar Ali Khan came under fire as speakers related party policies and personlaities to the region’s development. The speakers said that no real development has taken place in the region for the past three decades, mostly because the feudal class has been in power. “They are still in power”, said one, ” and we are still suffering”.

The speakers unanimously resolved to demand a separate seat for Gojal Valley in the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly (NALA). They said that despite of being the future energy and trade corridor Gojal had been neglected by successive governments over the past many years. The neglect has hindered Gojal’s march towards development, quoting the recent power crisis, health issues and public sector education failure, they said.

The program had started at around eleven O’ Clock and continued till four in the evening, as a large number of speakers shared their views on BB’s life and the region’s problems. A resolution was passed at the end of the program. Some salient points of the resolution were:

  • The public gathering approves appointment of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as the Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party 
  • Separate seat should be allocated for representatives of Gojal Valley (Tehsil) in the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly
  • The curren NALA cabinet should be dissolved and new elections held
  • The appointment of Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan as Cheif Executive of Gilgit – Baltistan was not legitimate because the public had not given him mandate for “Chief Executive”. He had been elected as a simple member of the “Legislative Council”, at that point in time
  • Transparent investigation shall be launched to dig out realities about reported monetary corruption, worth 60 Crore Pakistani rupees,  at the Silk Route Dry Port, Sost

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  1. Speakers pay glowing tributes to Benazir

    PASSU (GOJAL), Feb 7: Political leaders, workers and civil society members paid glowing tributes to slain PPP leader Benazir Bhutto at a public rally at Passu village in Gojal Tehsil on Thursday.
    They recalled the services rendered by the late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and her great daughter Benazir Bhutto for Gilgit-Baltistan.
    The public rally through a unanimous resolution condemned the murder of the first woman prime minister of the Muslim world and demanded an independent probe into the tragedy by UN team.
    They said ZA Bhutto abolished states and freed the people from the clutches of the despotic rules of Mirs and Rajas. He also abolished the infamous FCR, set up for the first time in the history of the area a democratically elected council, created five districts and launched major development projects.
    The establishment of friendship between Pakistan and China was the historic achievement of ZA Bhutto subsequently the Karakuram Highway was constructed that opened the doors of progress and trade for the impoverished region.
    They said Ms Bhutto also continued her father’s mission and increased the members of the NALC gave legal protection to the Council, allocated reserved seats for the women in the house, set up chief court in the area, reserved seats for students in professional institutions and created job opportunities in local as well as federal government departments and launched unprecedented development projects, set up network of schools and hospitals in the area.
    They reposed confidence in the party leadership and vowed to continue their struggle for the democratic and constitutional rights of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan.
    They demanded dissolution of the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly and holding of fresh elections, a separate seat in the NALA for Gojal and Shinaki lower Hunza.
    Over 1,000 people, including over 300 women, attended the public meeting organized by the PPP Gojal chapter on the occasion of Chehlum of Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated in a gun-bomb-attack outside Liaquat Bagh in Rawalpindi on December 27.
    The PPP leaders who spoke on the occasion were Wazir Baig, former member of the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly, Ghulam Mohammad PPP, vice-president PPP Gilgit District, Karim Khan, Abu Zar Ali, Hajat Mohammad, Ghadir Shah, Sherullah Baig, Arab Khan, Aziz Jan, vice-chairman Union Council, Hussain Ali, Ghulam Amin, Abdullah Bai, Ali Aman Gojali, Haider Tai of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz.
    A rally of five jeeps from Nagar and Gilgit could not reach Passu as the KKH was blocked at Chikas.—Courtesy Dawn

  2. she lived a brave life and died a martyr’s death. “May flights of angles sing thee to thy rest!” William Shakepeare.

    ON this day, the supporters and activists of PPP must re define their sympathy for the party and think about the reasons for their attachments to the party. This is not a day to create hatred. This is a day to strengthen their energies to raise their voices against the oppressors. The oppresoors, against whom, PPP gave voice to the common people. The oppression is still taking place in a strong and modern way by exploiting the strategic resources of border trade, to torture political opponents, to miss-use public funds, to develop interest groups within the region and to patronise drugs and other crimes in the region.

    The support of PPP to Atiqa Ghazanfer for the special seat in NALC has further strengthened the feudal and family politics in the region. This must also be condemned. As the mandate of PPP in Hunza was to develop leadership from common people and not to strengthen the families.

    It is our foremost duty now to develop educated and visionary leadership without any political and ethnic affiliations. It is high time for the supporter of Mir family to develop alternative educated and visionary leadership to represent and defend the interest of the local community. Leaders, having their roots in the local community. leaders from the local community.

    We need to develop a leadeship, who can represent and lead in real sense the whole Northern Areas. This is the only way to sustain development in the region.

  3. Although Benazir was a brave leader and representator for the female folk in Pakistan and its really encouraging for us as well.But as far as the Chehlum is concerned we should not forget the rest of the people who secrified theil lives with Benazir and we should pay tribute to these people.
    May their soul rest in Peace(Ameen)

  4. Why the hell are the people of Gojal so obsessed with the Bhuttos?

    Don’t they realize that Gilgit – Baltistan is not the constitutional part of Pakistan?

    Perfect examples of “Begaanay Shaadi may Abdullah Deewana”. Come and instead strengthen the nationalist movements of the region. KNM, BNF, KSO, are waiting for the highly talented students and professionals of the region but they are singing songs in praise of plunderers and “elected robbers”

  5. Mr/Ms Averrose, I am at loss to buy your absurd, sarcastic and abusive comment on Gojali’s obsession with Bhuttos. To understand Gojali’s “obsession with Bhuttos” one should know the basics of politics and history of Pakistan, Gilgi-Baltistan and the 900 years oppressive and tyrant rule of Mirs of Hunza; and how the people of Gojal, Hunza, Shinaki and Nagar struggled to overthrow this exploitative system. This became possible because of the visionary and revolutionary leadership of ZA Bhutto who gave voice, dignity and courage to the downtrodden people of Pakistan, in general, and the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, in particular, and abolished princely states, fiefdoms and infamous FCR opened the doors and opportunities to the common people to get jobs, education and other democratic rights. He also reserved quota seats in professional educational institutions and government departments for the people of Gilgit-Baltistan, established friendship between Pakistan and China that led to the construction of KKH opening avenues of trade and development to the local people.

    Remembering Benazir, who was assassinated by the “invisible” forces has shocked every sane and conscientious person all over the world except the Chaudhrys of Gujrat and people with tunnel vision like you, has nothing to do with the struggle for constitutional rights.

    Benazir was a brave and visionary leader of international stature. One can differ with and criticize the politics of Benazir but it is an undeniable fact that she was a symbol of hope and source of inspiration for the downtrodden people; democratic and liberal progressive forces. This was reason that the retrogressive and obscurantist forces eliminated this hope and symbol.

    Can you tell me what the following of the three nationalist organisations in their areas. Not a single activist of these organisations you mentioned have the vision, intellect and
    Political acumen to inspire half a dozen people of their village/town what to talk of the whole area. To be honest the workers of some of these orgasnisations have brought in disrepute the name of Gilgit-Baltistan by indulging in criminal and immoral activities.

    Abu Khayyam

  6. “Not a single activist of these organisations you mentioned have the vision, intellect and Political acumen to inspire half a dozen people of their village/town what to talk of the whole area”

    Dear Abu Khayam

    This is the only part of your speech that deserves a response. If “people with accumen” and “intellect” and “vision”, like you, would not take the charge and let the organizations play in the hands of the Mullah Military Alliance (not refering to MMA) then who is to be blamed?

    Armchair activists seldom get anything… irrespective of whether they are “tunnel visionsed” or “Panoramic Visioned”.

  7. and by the way… I know about a Gojali journalist who promotes most of these “nationalist” leaders and workers in one of the leading media sources of Pakistan.

  8. reading the BB news in Gojal one may not be misleading that it was really an event there. it is safe tio presume that it was based on press release and telephonic gossip of some frustrated lot that is still believing in the PPP idealism which has been buried under the shoes of zardari. one may agreee with Averrose that there is element of Bhutto obession with the publicists of this online paper as it is often a case with ethnic minorities everywhere in the world. ZA Bhutto abolished Mir rule but it should alsop be remembered that one of the significant files relating to the region Mr Bhutto also wrote ” is there no one to divide them” and after this wevery one knows what happened to the region in the name of Islam. More loyal than the king himself doesn’t suit the deprived few in gojal.

  9. very nice
    keep it up
    and try to give us more latest news about politics and other things

  10. hi
    i m not so happy like this program.because we are seprate from pakistan as u know like in passu no any governoment school,no hosipitals,and there is no any facilities provided by a governoment and also bb……………. so plz our calture is going down day by day.and we have added a new calture in our area like this when u have more fainance plz provide to the needed u know batter our calture is
    1 vool
    2 putuk ect………………………………..
    we do not need any party
    we have a leader……………………………………………………………………………………
    best wishes

  11. dears
    All of you are making good discissions. It is a healthy way for a healthysocial relation. One thing that we all have to keep in mind is that we are here to improve or make development. Things should not go personaly and one shoul not make some thing the matter of ego.
    keep it up


  12. I’ve been watching for a while but now i’m making my first post.
    Can anyone tell me their opinion of the forum thus far.
    Looking to meet new people to exchange info with,so leave me your name

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