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Political dilema of Gilgit-Baltistan


While most Pakistanis rejoiced on the streets having chosen  leaders of their choice a considerable number of people in Gilgit-Baltistan also wishfully joined in.  The PPPP organized a rally in Gilgit City to celebrate success of its party candidates in rest of Pakistan. Similar rallies were also organized in other remote parts of the region. Supporters of PML (N) also came on the roads and danced to the tunes of slogans and music. The excietment was not less than that observed in Karachi, Quetta, Lahor or Peshawar.

This excietment, despite of the depoliticization policies adopted by successive governments, is amazing. Some are quick to conclude that such rallies are sponsored by elite leaders of the political parties and, thus, lack public legitimacy. This thinking presumes a divide in the interests and attitudes of the workers, or general public, and the leaders.

Others, however, maintain that these events reflect on a deeper yearning on part of the people of this deprived region to be part of the country’s political mainstream.

There are some, nevertheless, who term such jubiliation as “the dance of slaves” or “dancing in chians”.

I will invite readers of Pamir News to share their ideas in this regard.

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  1. salam to every one
    a very dry issue ………… ya people mostly say that “humay kya hai jiss ki bhi hukumat aaye” or “janey do jo hoga dekh lengay”. our this approach has kept us in chains.untill and unless we are not going to adopt a mind that what we are and where we are going,we will remain in chains.
    when ever i duscuss it with my friends most of them say that we are not in chains?they are justifying their this statement saying that we are prosperous,doing our studies and will get a good job,our lives will be lavish………………………………
    we have this approach,we people have an indivisual target.a common target and common approach and enhancing it in a mannered and eeffective way can bring a hope to break the chains.
    what do you people say

  2. Dance of Slaves over change of Master

    The shamful celeberation of Gailgit Baltistan’s Pro- Pakistan people is surely termed ‘a dance of slaves. The people who are celeberating the winning of PPP and PML(N) in an occupied region shows the mentality of our political leaders .

    The Gilgit Baltistan people should condemn such jublication and raise voice against Pakistan’s colonial control over the region

    Manzoor Parwana

  3. Dear Noor,

    I am not surprised that you have got only two posts on this topic. Politices it seems is the forbidden fruit for most of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan in general and Gojal in particular. This attitude of the people can be termed a success for those who are in favour of the statusco with regard to the political/constitutional status of the area.

    Its ok that people are not active in politics but they should have a clear political opinion. Most important all of us should have a clear understanding of the political status of the area. We should also understant that the history of the past 150 years and the last 60 years in particular has bonded the diverse population of gilgit, baltistan, hunza, gizar and diamar in such a way that their prensent status is going to have absolute influence on their future,not only the political but social and cultural as well.
    The notion of seclusion is not going to work any more. All the people have to participate in the local political stage, and the sooner they do it the better.
    As far as the impacts of pakistani politics is concerned, there is only one party active in that area which is the PPP all the other parties exist due to their opposition to PPP.

  4. we do not deny the contribution of ppp for our region in past…we also give honor to the late zulfiqar ali bhutto..but we r really hopless from the current leaders and their policies…

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