Tajik-Afghan cross-border Navrouz celebrations


DUSHANBE, March 22, Asia-Plus: The efforts and collaboration of AKDN with the Government of Tajikistan and the Government of Afghanistan has led to organize 2 mega Tajik-Afghan cross-border concerts to celebrate the Navrouz Festival. 

In this regard the first event was organised on 20th March as singers and musicians from Tajikistan crossed the border at the site of the Friendship Bridge in Khorog and performed traditional songs and dances for audiences on the other side of the Panj River in village of Bashor, Afghanistan.   Similarily, on March 21, Afghan performers have participated a traditional concert program in Khorog.

Despite a common linguistic and cultural heritage between inhabitants of the Tajikistan and Afghanistan, social and economic connections between them have been minimal for the past seventy years.  The Cross-Border Concert is an experience and culture sharing initiative intended to foster regional cooperation. Better understanding amongst the peoples of neighboring countries is seen as a cornerstone of future stability throughout Central Asia.  Cultural relations are regarded as a way of building confidence and trust that can in turn lead to wider cross-border cooperation on alleviating poverty and promoting economic growth.

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  1. I think it is very important to cross man made borders in order to share common heritage and tradition. It will not only lead to better relationships between the involved communities, but between the governments of both sides as well. It will further the wellbeing of both communities. More interaction means more economic opportunities and a step towards sustainable development, cooperation and peace. Time has now changed, now any force can’t confine ideas within a particular segment of society by taking certain measures. I hope that this practice will give way to a new era of development to the masses living in extreme condition. Not only this, but it will be replicable model for other parts of the region as well.

  2. the wakhi students are going to calebrate a get togather platfrom.maney of the distingushed wakh persnolity will be invite
    on this occasion.the aim of this platform is to guide the youth to
    handle the modren issues in biffiting maner.

  3. Dear All

    This is start of a new era. I hope and pray that one day you will be joined by the Pamiri people from Pakistan and China. As the pace of change is so fast, I hope to see this dream becoming a reality very soon.

    I wish all a very Happy EID-E-NOWROZ

    Sher Karim

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