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Improving production of dry fruits (By Kamran Niazi)


March 24 2008:THE Northern Areas are rich in natural resources with lower pest and disease pressure. The climate is dry and the land fertile. With these advantages and characteristics, the area produces varieties of fruits and vegetables, which is the major source of income of the people. Adoption of modern techniques can further augment production of these fruits and substantially increase the income of the farmers alleviating their poverty.

The poor infrastructure and absence of farm-to-market roads are the obstacles in the way of the farmers to gain advantages of the natural potential of their area. The produce gets spoiled before reaching the markets, and hence has to be sold in local markets which cannot absorb the production.

Thus farmers are deprived of the actual benefits and are compelled to take little interest in fruit production. Click for detail: dry fruits (Courtesy

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  1. Ya I concure with you Mr kamaran Naizi.We are dwelling in such vital land which has the potential to produce maximum and apex quality of vegtales, fruits etc
    The major problem which the farmers are facing to produce maximum production is direct access to the market,the agents are not relible,lack of machinary,lack of awarness how to protect from bacterial diseases etc.
    We can solve such problems with
    cooperating NGOs and other Agricultural Devlopment Organizations.

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