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Call to propose Names for the newly established LSO

Hunza, April 14: The ad-hoc committee of the newly established Local Support Organisation (LSO) calls from all interested community members to propose names for the organization. The LSO has been formed by clustering V/WOs and other local development organisations from Ayeenabad to Passu.  Shimshal is also expected to be included in this LSO. AKRSP has already formed LSOs in Gojal Balla and Chipurson.

In this regard the committee has already received different names from community members. These includes Pewand LSO, Tilo LSO, Sabza, Noranji, Yurth Marka, Nazm, Razhak, Madadghor, Silk Route Rural Support Organisation, Badakhshan Rural Support Organisation, Karakoram Rural Support Organisation, Gojal Area Devlopment Organisation, Kunjut Rural Support Programme, Pamir Rural Support Programme and Mountain Area Development Organisation.  

The committee also calls from local development professionals and educated members to volunteer their services in developing the organisational structure and other institutional mechanisms.

AKRSP is promoting the idea of LSO at union council levels in order to facilitate integrated development by developing a broader, multi-stakeholders based sustainable institutional mechanism. These LSOs are expected to manage development at local level.  AKRSP will initially provide institutional and technical support with creating linkages with donors and Government line departments.

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  2. Inspirations for naming such organizations must be taken from its vision, mission, scope and objectives, rather than abstract terminologies or certain things. All the proposed names though seems attractive and catchy, but again it must be related to its main components listed above. For example Silk Route Rural Support Organization makes a much better sense. Because 1)“Silk Rout” is an international legend and goes through our region, 2) this organization aims to develop the rural areas, and 3) I don’t think that there are other organizations with the same name. So it is very closer to both operational and structural aspects of the organization. Badakhshan or Pamir has its historical affiliations, prominence and significance, but…let us think…VMSO (Vision, Mission, Scope & Objectives)

  3. ‘SKORD ‘ is aso a good choice, I agree

    It could also be an abbreviation for:

    1) Sabz Kunjut Organization for Rural Development (SKORD)

    ii) Spo Kalan Organization for Rural Development (SKORD)

    iii) SKord Organization for Rural Development (SKORD)

    Amin Beg

  4. SKORD is a very good name. For those who don’t understand Wakhi, SKORD is the Wakhi word for “Bridge”. Being a generic word SKORD has many advantages over rest of the good names. It symbolizes the notion of attachement, linkage and meeting as opposed to the other proper nouns. The name is relevant in the context being part of the region’s second largest language.


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