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Kaira gets a historical reception in Gilgit

By Aziz Jan

Gilgit, April 21: Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas Qamar Zaman Kaira has received an unprecedented warm welcome on his arrival in Gilgit on his 2–days visits of Northern Areas. A large number of PPP workers from all over Northern Areas alongside with Chief Executive and members Northern Areas Legislative Assembly were present at the reception.

After his arrival Minister inaugurated the Khazana Chowk as Shaheed Benazi Bhutto Chowk. In his speech he assured that the new Government will award a revolutionary constitutional package to Northern Areas in order to bring the region as par with national level. He promised to struggle for the due share of Northern Areas in Diamar Basha Dam and to increase quotas of Northern Areas both in employment and educational institutions. He said that the party will devise strategy after a broad consultation with different stakeholders in the region and the party workers at grassroots level.

After this event he administered oath as Northern Areas chairman and head of the regional administrations in the Northern Areas Assembly hall. Later on he watched polo match at Aga Khan Shahi Shawarn Gilgit.

It is expected that tomorrow he will also held separate meetings with Hunza-Nagar PPP workers, KKH compensation committee and a group of Sost dry Port shareholders.

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  1. It is nothing new; for the last many decades each and every lord of the voiceless people receives the same historical reception welcome in the nameless region. They always show their concerns about the sufferings of the masses in the region. They always devise plans to bring the region parallel to the rest of the country. Constitutional-political right also remains on the top of their agenda, but…. They come, they rule, they exploit, they go….. lets say, Welcome Our Loard….!

  2. This time i don’t think that we only should welcome him but also make him realise that the people of north have now came to know about the politics. Politics of demanding their rights. It is the time that we can do some thing.
    Let me say one thing to all of you frankly and in clear words, are we really serious regarding our problems ? (social,economical,geographical or political). If yes then i think that we should take a start. To do this i would like to request the seniors who are participating in these discussions to plan out an idea that what to do. Should we continue this debate and keep on doing catharsis by only writings or do some thing practical?
    Change can come, it needs a start, as a fire begans only buy a little spark in the same way a change can come by taking an initiative. Again i request all of you to give some suggestions about this.
    If we are united and are making a steady way in a developing manner then nothing is impossible.
    AAJ TV

  3. we should strenthen our local representatives. why we are saying better then pirs & Mirs

  4. If you are talking about Nawaz Khan Naji, Abdul Hamid, and the followers of Late Amir Hamza, Late Gul Mohammad (Gojal) for their true sacrifice and their result oriented movements. Then, Mr. Karim is absolutely right.

  5. Wishing Mr. Karia best of his abilities. we know that he is a jeeyala ministers and knows better problems of a common man. we also wish he would take serious notices of the corruptions made in the recent years in Northern Areas. Ofcourse he should now prioritizes his programmes in close consultation of the workers


  7. we are the nation of speechless, struggleless, senseless and spritless waiting a Masiha. Our forefathers just scrificed and we are not doing any gain instead we are losing unity, political unification.

    We are divided by shias,sunis and ismalias and in different languistics.

    That Nation is dead who welcome others like Subcontinent welcomed British and the result you know.

    we will not rise together untill a strong necassity of us bring each other.

    Kaira is not voted by us and any one accepts he prefers others
    if we not self respect for us than others will rule us and what policy they make you and we have to accept.

    think my intellectuals and love to their home lands
    sharif ullah Ishkoman Ghizar


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