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Don’t interfer in affairs of the Sost Port, Kaira tells the NA administration

Hunza, April 23: Chairman, NALA met a delegation of the newly elected cabinet of Sost dry port trust in Gilgit. The delegation briefed Chairman on different burning issues at port and registered complaints about regular unnecessary interference from local administration in trust affairs.

The delegation has said that the former trust office bearers were violating the Bye-laws by not calling regular annual general meetings and the management has, deceptively, kept community lands as mortgage to receive 150 million rupees loan from Bank. The said loan, they said, had been used to fulfil personal needs by various kep players, including salient political leaders of the Hunza valley. The delegation informed Kaira that the port land is the property of trust and that i had not been leased out for 99 years to any specific family.

An official from local Administration also briefed Minister on Dry Port issue in front of the delegation. He also confirmed the mismanagement and violation of the rights of the real stakeholders.

Minister condemned the involvement of local administration in affairs of a private company and strictly instructed the local administration to stop such meddlings in future. He forwarded the case to home Secretary with instructions to facilitate the Sost Dry Port Trust new cabinet.

The delegation comprised of Mr Afsar Jan, President Sost Dry Port Trust, Mr Raza Muhammad, Vice President and Aziz Jan, Chairman UC Gojal-1 among others.

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  1. Congrats to the new team of SDP and we all hope that, the new team will work in a zeal and sprit of the Area and on medium and lomg term basis planning takeing in confidence of the local people and young generations—–

  2. Now as the Chairman NALC has clearly instructed not to interfer into the affairs of Soust Dry Port, this order must be implemented properly, no matter how famous and powerful people are trying to involve. We also request the Minister to set an enquiry commession to investigate into the matter of trying to sabotage the newly elected cabinet during its oath taking ceremony.

    Aziz at Mansehra

  3. This is a great news for all of us specially for the people of Gojal . and I hope that current Government and newly appointed SDP management will jointly resolve the annoying issue, and will set us free from the authoritarian conduct of so called rulers. I hope and pray that local people will extend their full support to SDP management.

  4. First of all I would like to congratulate Mr. Qamar Zaman Kaira the Federal Minister for Northern Area and Kashmir Affairs and I hope he will play his important role for the development in Northern Area particularly in Health and Education Sector. As the people of Northern Area are devoted and faithful with Shaheed Leader Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

    We also appreciate and welcome the decision of Mr. Kaira regarding the Sost Dry Port Trust (SDPT) and we hope that the monopoly of the previous so-called management will be finished.

    With Best Regards
    Didar Karim (Baig)
    Advocate High Court Sindh

  5. The Land of Sost is 100% property of Locals (Upper Nazimabad, Sost and Hussain Abad) No one has the right to try to own the property. Specially the Mir Family. The have done enough robbery in dry port and now its the right time to kick their asses out of that place… the dry port belongs to the Local people and the share holders. If someone is using political power to scare the entire comunity… this will never work out there.

    2nd the political power is still in local community. next time when the election come, use your vote properly. Do not give a single vote to Mir or his companions or his supporters. Just leave him alone in that f**king cage.

    Use your vote against the evil power….
    Use it for your progress
    then you will see the difference…. there will be no Mir power or political power. and the stolen money will be recovered by locals at any cost. there is no way they can run away…

  6. No doubt that the northern areas are highly rich in having natural resources. Unfortunately, they have not been explored to their full strength due to having in place unfriendly polices and attitudes. Nevertheless, when we talk specifically of the Sost Dryport, we believe that it is in fact a huge project which could provide a wide ranging development prospects and opportunities most perticularly to the people of Hunza and generally to the rest of the population living in the NAs.

    I think we should have a level playing field for the various stakeholders taking full advantage of such big economic opportunity existing at their doorsteps. Nonetheless, we have seen few individuals exploiting evry moment to their advantage hence controling over the resources. As a matter of fact, It is, in deed, a compatitve world and the different actors cannot be blocked from accessing opportunities come in their ways however it must not be at the cost of the whole popluation having it deprived from accessing those opportunities.

    Especially, the Mir family of Hunza have compltely hijacked the project since its inception and have emjoyed the lur of millions of rupees every now and then. I think we have been lucky not to have the traditional fuedal lord system in the NAs which has facilitated the developmental efforts made therein by either the government departments and or by the NGOs operating there. I doubt that if we allow the negative growth creeping in in the form of such mafias, we would certainly be leaving our generations at the mercy of these few opportunists. As a result, these few would be growing stronger with the help of using public money and the public becoming weak. We must step forward hence stop these elements from garbing over the resources since it comes to our responsibity. I would rather urge the educated youth to rise and find a workable solution to the problems before it is too late.

    If so happened, I am pretty sure that we would be putting the fate of our current and future generations at grave stack keeping in mind that a late reflexes and reactions can cost us so badly. I would therefore appeal to the general mass of the area to feel the heat, stay defiant and act in a way that the project or any other such projects must yield to the public good and not that they fulfilling the vested interests of few families or individuals. Harmoney can prevail only if a we are able to transform our society into development friendly where all segments of the society have their stake in the process irrespective of cast and creed, sects and gender. So it is your right to have access to all developmental opportunities.

  7. Firstly I Congraculate the newly selected Chariman Mr. Ali Afsar and his cabinet members for the silk route dry port trust. I am also very much pleased to see the way the people of the area stood up for thier rights at sost port. I also hope that the NAs Administration will also take keen interest to proper hand over from ex-chairman Ghazanfar Ali and his team. And all are very optimistic to see freindly trade facilitiies at sost dry port from new management under the chairmanship of Mr. Ali Afsar who has a repotation of fearless person.

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