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New cabinet rejects dialogue offer

Hunza, April 25 : Officials from local administration visited Sost to convey dialogue offer from the former SDP cabinet. According to SDP sources the local community informed administration about the grave situation at port and rejected the offer for dialogue. The representatives of Sost WO have said the local administration to help them in defending the interest of local community. The delegation of local administration was comprised of AC Hunza, SSP Hunza, SHO Gulmit and Naib Tehsildar.

Around three hundred men, women and children have gathered at the port and different speakers are highlighting different issues the dry port faced during the last 9 years. According to sources the local administration had sent a heavy contingent of the police force to deal with any law and order situation but they have been stopped in Ali Abad because of a stay-order obtained by the new cabinet from session court. The safety measure had been taken in view of handling any law and order situation, like the one created by elements close to the previous cabinet during the Oath-taking ceremony at Karim Abad, Central Hunza, last week.

Contrary to rumors spread by elements involved in the previous cabinet, in the national press, the transfer of management authorities of the Silk Route Dry Port has been very peaceful. Our source from Sost told us that not a single pane of glass nor any door had been broken during this public event. People in Gojal and Hunza valley are peaceful and they don’t believe in hostile agitations, the source said.

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  1. I don’t understand with whom and on what issues the dialogue was to take place. If it is the previous administration of SDP then it is totally rubbish. Why the people need a dialogue to take possession of what they rightfully own. The previous management was in place because of trickery and divisive politics of a one particular family whose allegiance does not rest with the people of hunza.

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