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KANA division calls urgent meeting of SDP stakeholders in Islamabad

Hunza, April 30: The Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas has called an urgent meeting of the new and former cabinets, shareholders and land owners  of Sost dry Port trust in Islamabad on May 5, 2008 to peacefully resolve the ownership controversy that reupted last week. It is being said that reprresentatives of the Chinese partner will also participate the meeting.

According to our sources representatives of the new cabinet have held a detailed meeting with Chief Secretary Northern Areas in Gilgit. It is said that Chief Secretary has taken the new cabinet in confidence to continue port activities till the decisions of the coming meeting is not implemneted. The local administration has today deployed security forces in Sost to avoid any law and order situation after opening of the port from May 1, 2008.

The new cabinet of SDP has also called the meeting of all shareholders tomorow at Sost Dry Port to devise future strategy and welcome the Chinese partners at Khunjerab Pass.

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  1. Seems a nice progress if the government does not regress the pace of development of SRDP Sost. Let’s see and wait and let’s hope for the best (this is what we can do).

    Thanks to the government of Pakistan for her sight on this phenomenon.

    Prssident Musharraf and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gellani are requested to kindly take an appropriate and effective strategy to address this phenomenion–I would avoid to call it as a big issue now. It was a genuine issue led to a conflict that the government inlcuding KANA division could not effecively resolve it last time. Rather a compromise was made among the inidviduals of the same family members instead of taking into accounts and ensuring the commnal stakes, interests and dmends.

    Now, the conflict has been resolved by the community themsleves from the grassroots level. The issue ought to be ended positively, if necessary, by meticulously analyzing and ensuring interests and demands of the shareholders and other key stakeholders. The shareholders (landowners are part of itin kinds)demand must be honored. This I would also humbly request from the Chinese partners.

    I must reiterate, being a researcher and a neutral person, that we the people at the Internaional border regons, are the real ambassador of our respective countries, and in ths case between Pakistan and China.

    How our genius Khan Sahab could term the community of Gojal as ill-wihers and miscreants? Does he think that through such negatively political statements, the respective community could be so? Hey Khan Sahab! bean an elder son of our last ruler, late Jamal Khan, you are not even acquated with your history? It is a pity. Otherwise, you could had not given such statements. You shouid be proud of this community that almost to the entire extent, th people of Gojal nurtured the the former Hunza State in actual term by proividing the heavy taxes. Can a state run or survive without teaxes? If so, why pakistan or other nationa states are striving for the collection of taxes? So, more or lsss 90% of the taxes were given to the former Hunza State by the commununity of Gojal as they were and still are rich in natural resources.

    Khan Sahab (Ghazanfar)! Who do you term ill-wishers and miscreants? Are they these people of Gojal who have elected you as their rep? If it is so, then you reflect them? It is a pity and a sheme fatty-mind chap? It is humiliating to yourself.

    Blamming the community leaders and the peaceful community members including the womenfolk in the civil society organizations with such stupid types of blames are equal to abuses. Who are they? They are your and our mothers, daughters and sisters? Why do you speak before you think? Please think before you speak or say something. If you claim to be a politician, you need to have a braod wit and wisdom in contrast with the tradition (as also true to other Pakistanis) to tell a lie, to be corrupt morally, finanicially or otherwise. I have not yet raised questions on your own wordings and statements that are the barriers to you in the near future.

    With such attitude and blame-games, where would you go for begging votes? Again you will come to this crucial part/region.

    You should rather must be proud of the valley and the community that blesses you an international stature being a rep, being a rendevous to to Central and South Asia as well as China. I think this much is sufficent for the time being.

    Coming to the end, what do you think? Could you try to prove your prudence and wisdom, if any, and appologize Khan Sahab from your mohsins that you have made a blunder? Second, why don’t you accept the triumph of the community and the CSOs over you, if you pretend to be a democrat?

  2. The new cabinet members must be careful about this meeting and the intensions of the KANA division itself. They might be playing a foul game in a friendly manner. Here it is possible that for KANA division the interests of “The Stakeholders” might precede the interests of stakeholders. The past history of certain events in our area shows that the role of the establishment and government officials has never been in the best interest of the local people. They have taken due advantages of such events to create rifts among the local communities. Usually a blind trust fires back. Wish the new cabinet all the best.

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