Gilgit - Baltistan

Andaz Apna Apna

In this kid I can see the cherished hues of my own childhood. How many of our readers can relate to this picture?


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  1. ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This picture compelled me to retrospect the past of mine.
    It is a reality that during chilhood we have andaz apna apna and don’t bother about the vicinity.Noor has rightly mentioned about thr relationship of this picture to that of our own time.
    If we are different it doesn’t mean that we were not like what my dear malang jon is in this picture.The name malang jon here is not for the one who writes comments on PT but the one who is really in a malangi style don’t bothering about who says what.
    Take care every body

  2. Oh; this boy will pull it, most of us did, when I was @ that age we all were like that, but most of them did really great & they are in good positions now, I assure you Saima, he has hope in his eyes & deep down in his mind he is already planning & looking in to the coming years ahead, in future he will be a strong & heard working man ready to face all challenges in his way, I wish him best of luck. Somebody remind me after 15yrs, if I’m not right.
    That is a cool picture about the truth out there, touched my heart.
    Ramat Krim

  3. [youtube=]

  4. میرے بچپن کے دن کتنے اچھے تھے دن
    آج بیٹھے بٹھاۓ کیوں یادآگۓ
    میرے بچھڑے ہؤں کو ملادےکوئ
    میرا بچپن کسی مول لادے کوئ

  5. how could you achive the traget of UNESCO for educational litrecy that every child must be educated till …2015….it looks impossible we need more some time to achive our goal,s specially in education sector…

    Didar Karim Bari
    NUML university islamabad

  6. wow what a cooooooool picture.
    it really took me to my own childhood.
    how cute and innocent is that kid.
    and about his future you can see a stick in his hand and some planning his mind. he seems a general to me…….

  7. What did I see in this guy?

    Well, I saw in him everything that I didn’t see in all others but I had a wish to see.

    This guy is unique, has his own style and hasn’t copied anyone. Surely, he may be unaware of doing so because he is too young for that.

    I wonder why do GUYS judge people by their appearance. When we see things with the naked eyes, we then see the nakedness only. But, did this nakedness mattered the famous scientist Archimedes, who leapt naked from his bathtub and ran through the streets of Syracuse shouting EUREKA “I have found it” after solving a problem. Now, what was the problem? Wanna know? Search for it and you will definitely find out what do I see in this guy?

    I see Archimedes in him.

    Love you little Archi.


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