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Dr. Agha Jan’s murder triggers huge protest in Hunza & Gilgit city

by Majeed Ullah & Zeeshan

Gilgit, May 13-14. The murder related protests have spread to Gilgit city as hundreds of students of the region’s only center of higher education, Karakuram International University, came out on the roads. Yesterday around two hundred students belonging to Hunza, Gilgit and Ghizar protested at the Jutial protested by blocking the Jutial main road. They dispersed after assurance from high police officials that the culprit will be punished in accordance with the law.

However, today in the morning more than a thousand students of the same university again started marching towards the Gilgit city, from Konodas. They are chanting slogans against the murderer and demanding that he be hanged to death, immediately. The procession will end at the Jamatkhana Bazzar, the place were the doctor was killed in front of many people in a very busy street of the city.

(PT Photo)

Hunza, May 13: The cold blooded murder of Dr. Agha Jan has triggered huge protests in , Hunza. Local youth and school students blocked KKH and burnt tyres to register protest against the tragic murder. KKH is blocked for all type of traffic because of the protests. Youth from all over Hunza and Nagar are gathering in Aliabad to stage protest against the murder of the first child specialist of Northern Areas. All shops, hotels, schools, colleges and offices of Government and NGO offices were also closed. Dr. Aga Jan belonged to Aliabad, Hunza and was settled in Gilgit because to professional engagements.

According to details, a man hailing from Gilgit fired a bullet on the late doctor, yesterday, at around 6:30 pm due to some personal rifts and disputes on land around his clinic in Jamat Khana Bazar, Gilgit. The person had an Ice cream shop in front of the clinic. According to sources the suspect person was arrested within half an hour of the incident. There are also reports about similar protests in Gilgit city and Danyore.

His body will be burried in Gilgit after arrival of the family members. His funeral-in -absentia will also be performed at 11 am in Aliabad.

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  1. This is a big loss, not only for our community but also for the entire region, because he was the only child specialist in Gilgit, and I strongly condemn this incident. And I extend condolence to Nadeem and with his family.

  2. Dear all
    It was a great lose to the community and to rest of the area. However, all that has happened after his death has may will increase the pain and agony of Dr (late) family and love ones. We should be with their family to dig the reality not to put more earth on the evidences. We should demand peacefully to the authorities to find the people and to
    This not Hunza never Hunza, and should not be in Hunza. We should not support negative activities in the lap of heaven. We are well-organized, well-cultured and visionary people. What happens when we act in such a way it is never in our favour and never can be in others too?
    We are the people who forgive and put every brutal incident to GOD and NOOR-a- Mollah . We have been practicing the act of ALY(A.S) Hussain(A.S) of forgiveness, bear, and tolerances. We have many example present in the history, Murder or our brother from Khyber in the area of Khohistan and the recent murder of Nisar o from Nazimabad(Sosth). What we did ,we forgive the murders, and in return the whole country and the world acknowledge our community and us.
    We as community need to be very positive and united then we can get our recognition. We have many hindrances and hurdles we should be one to overcome it. It should be made an unanimous issue and should be protested at the whole area wise (peacefully).
    Use the ways of Sufism be a Sufi be ALY(A.S) act like Hussain(A.S) do not copy the others. Then we can beat the suppressing hands.

  3. We all join the whole community in the protest for this brutal murder and on the other hand the above picture of road blockage and smoking tyres has really hurt me yet again. We are peace loving and law abiding citizen of Hunza and should never damage this image of ours.

    Surely this is not going to present us to the whole world in a possitive manner. There are more effective ways to demonstrate and registering protest and these voilent demonstrations can be instrumental for those who want to destabilize peace and harmoney in the region.

    This situation can benifit those who want to divert the mounting pressure by the people of Hunza on the looters and plunderers of poor shareholders and land owners of The Sost Dry Port and real issues of people of the region.

  4. It is indeed a big loss for the entire region. I extend my condolences to Khalid Nadeem and rest of his family members.


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