Nisar Ahmad of NCA – Lahore

by Aslam Khan Ghalib

Lahore, May 15: Nisar Ahmed is a student of Film Making and Media at Pakistan’s elite National College of Arts, Lahore. He is currently working for the AAG TV, a channel operated by GEO TV network, in Karachi. He was selected to work for the said channel after tough competition with tens of students who had also applied.

Talking to Pamir News Blog Nisar said that he will be creating a documentary on the cultural heritage of Gojal Valley, as part of his thesis requirements. “The documentary”, he said, “will be research based and include old buildings and forts located in different parts of the largest Tehsil of Gilgit – Baltistan”. This, he clarified, is an effort to record and present the historical legacy of the region.

He will also focus on the common day to day practices of families of the region and study the contemporary family dynamics in terms of social engagements, associations and networks.

His thesis proposal, though challenging, is also a recognition of his soud academic record and his expertise in the area of research. We, the Pamir Times Family, wish Nisar the best of luck for his future endeavours.

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  1. welldone young man as i know him personally he works with zeal and zest and very talented and committed person about his work and future i hope hell will explore more things for future comming genration and will represent our culture and work for the promotion of our tradition though media and his ability tha,s what we are expecting for him i will pray for his success keep on doing batter for your future….

    your Uncle
    Didar Karim Bari
    NUML university islamabad

  2. I salute all your endeavour, dedications and hard work and wish you best of luck for the accomplishment.


  3. Nice to hear this good news of mr Nisar Ahmed of his great achivements in media,s. I congergulate for his success to all of his families.
    I know Mr Nisar from our school life of his fine character and his social services.And we hope that he will work for the betterment of NA,s and specially for Gojal. and what ever problems our peoples are facing .we hope that he brings these things on media.
    with thanks
    Majeed ullah baig
    KIU Student



  5. Bravo Nisar!
    Nisar Ahmad has been one of my good students in Al-Amyn Model school from the beginning. Being a founding teacher and one of the principals of Al-Amyn Model School Gulmit (1991-94), I know Nisar from his nursery class. From that stage of his life, I had realised Nisar’s genius. He was the first boy (age 5) who initiated and dared in reading a farman of our beloved Imam of the time ((written manually by me for him) in the audience on 12th Dec, 1991 in Central JK, Gulmit. Thus, he got a lot of appreciations from the audience besides prizes. Later on, he also very actively took part in the performing arts besides his curricular activities.

    It is a great pleasure for me that one of my brilliant students has come to this stage and intends to write his dissertation on the heritage documentation.

    Nisar! I would like you to go through a report titled: “Ecotourism Study” by Karim Ullah Baig (of Ghulkin) for the IUCN (Gojal Conservancy, November 2003). This study has got two main parts: Physical Sites and Cultural Sites. The former was surveyed by Karim himself and the latter (Cultural Sites) is my contribution, even though, my name is not on the tital page as an author, because this study was a consultancy given to Karim by IUCN. In this document, the cultura sites (esp. historical heritages) have been identified and defined in result of interviews from different respondents of the respondents. This would be one of the sourceds for your literature review.

    I would like you to please go through this document (available in PDF on the internet). Write down the title in the Google Search and find it. Or you may have already got it, isn’t?

    Whenever you confronted any type of academic/research issue related to your study, please don’t hesitate in contacting me, if I could extend my hands for help according to my limited capacity.

    Wish you all the best

    Fazal Amin Beg (Fabeg),
    Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation,
    HGDF,Muzaffarabad, Kashmir

  6. Nisar…..
    In continuation what Fazal Amin Beg has suggested i would add some more about a similar sort of survey of historic monuments “inventory of historic monoments of the northern areas” have been completed by a team of professionals from The Aga Khan Cultural Services Pakistan (AKCSP) covering all the hestoric monoments( sites,buildings,forts,houses,pologround,mosques etc) both with pictures and written description of the same.
    I am sure that must be useful for you if you are lucky to find a copy.
    Wish you all the best,

    Nauroze Shah
    Chief Finance Office
    Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Afghanistan

  7. well done friend ,i hope you will hale and hearty and enjoying a good health .your achivement has made me proud . keep it up god bless .

  8. hi dude, great job nisar and it would be a very good step for our young generation so well done for chosing such unique feild keep it up.

  9. well done Mr Nisar ! we are proud of you. don’t forget to show the problems of our area!

  10. Dear nisar!
    nice to hear abt u. i watched the documentary made by u comparing gulmit and a village of germany. it was so nice , keep it up.

  11. dear nisar

    the field in which you are in is really a fast developing one. you can serve the society in many ways by using all the abilities and resources you have in your rspective field.
    may Allah give you success and happiness.

  12. hi man nice to hear abt u its long since we last met u hv given us the break though by not following the trend of our ppl in education ,. this shows us we can do better in every fiend of education n we hv all the gifts in us. hoping ur this initative will give us all inspiration n we will diversfy our friend than following the trend.n congrates for ur works n good luck for future . hoping to watch ur documentary soon

  13. Dear all,
    First of all i would to thank pamir times and especially aslam khan ghalib for giving me exposure through this platform.
    i am really grateful for ur wonderful ideas and appreciation. i was so happy to get precious advices from my beloved teachers, friends and all those who have got expectation from me. My thesis proposal have been accepted and appreciated by the film and tv department of NCA and i have started my research work and pre-production. i will never hesitate to contact anyone of u for avices and help. ones again thanx

    Nisar Ahmed
    Film and TV Department NCA

  14. its a great pleasure to see a dude being exposed by pamir times. its a fact that the things like passion, commitment, professionalism under the charm of tallent, are asseembled in this friend of friends. may Allah confer him an ultimate prosperity through his life 🙂

  15. “The fragrance of a flower spreads in all direction” – that’s the quote I have for Nisar Ahmad.His qualities, personal and professional both makes him a great personality in media who understands people, job, expectations, and execution under tough situations. Wish you best of luck for the accomplishments,keep it up.

    Zulqarnain Tariq

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