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“I will never forget the people of Hunza”, says Chief Secretary

Hunza, May 19: The Chief Secretary of Northern Areas, Qamar Zaman Chaudry has said that the people of Hunza are more cultured, learned and hospitable than any other region he has met during his life time. He was addressing the farewell party organised by local administration, Hunza at PTDC Hotel, Garelth, in his honor. The Secreatry has been transfered to Islamabad after one year of service in Northern Areas. He promised to extend services to the people of Northern Areas in general and Hunza in particular in any capacity.

Dr. Khawaja Khan, President Ismaili Regional Council for Hunza, applauded his efforts and dedication for the region and said that he has completed record projects within a year time period.

Assistant commissioner Hunza, President Ismaili Regional Council and Chairman Hunza Environmental Committee presented traditional gifts on behalf of their respective organisations and the local community.

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  1. Choudary Qamar Zaman is a visionary person and I had the honor to work under his close supervision on a project. His contribution to the development of Northern Areas has been seminal. It is good that his efforts have been applauded in Hunza.

    Sultan Ahmed

  2. the efforts of Ismaili leadership in establishing good and friendly relations with the government is a step in the right direction. these activities would help breed a culture of trust, confidence and co-operation with the authorities. however we should never forget our broader struggle in the pursuit of our constitutional and political rights. engagement with the government must be seen as part of our diplomatic efforts in highlighting our real and practical issues in the region.

    while chief secretary’s rather laudatory remarks are welcome, however we should be conscious of vast swathes of poverty, illiteracy, lack of justice and deprivation in our Giligit-Baltistan and Hunza regions.

  3. Struggle for the consitiutional rights for the people of our area should be our prime goal.

    By writing down the above sentence I paused for in the middle for writing the name for the whole area, I first wrote Northern Areas, then I erased it and typed Gilgit and Baltistan, but was not satisfied with this too. What do we call our area, are we still name less?

    This is my question for our respected commentators, contributors and writers.

  4. @ Kareemjon….

    I would like to say Karakorum for whole region as its has potential and meaning to present the regional historical information back from Genghis Khan epic center of the Power ” Karakorum”.

    Personally shocked when radical leaders like Aaman Ullah Khan trying to click the corridors of power to extend his influence in establishments and surrender his political glories past.

    Farhat Baig


  5. Dear Kaimjon
    i think the discssion or a debate on the idea of naming our region Giligit-Baltitstan should be initiated, sooner rather than later. However we must be aware of the politically divisive and explosive nature of this question as our people have not been able to evolve a consensus on a particular name. various names and ideas have been floated with different political, cultural, historic and ethnic connotations embedded in them. Names such as Karkorum, Balwaristan, Brushal, and even some creative attempts have been made by suggesting Kuhimir, but none of them have really seen the day of light. for the moment i suggest that independently minded but politically concscious people form Hunza and elsewhere shoudl use rather neutral name of Giligt-Baltistan.

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