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Prince Amyn’s Visit to Gojal: Pictorial recap

Group Photo with Volunters and Scouts

Hunza, May 26: These pictures were taken during the visit of Prince Amyn Muhammad Aga Khan to the Serena Hotel site Ghulkin and Sost (upper Hunza), on May 21, 2008.

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  1. A great moment for the Ismaili Boy Scounts Group to be in the company of the Ismaili Chief Scout.

    I congratulate the Group Scout Leader and his team

    Sher Karim

  2. Nigan buland,sukhan dil nawaz jan pursooz
    yahi hay rakhtay safar mir-e-karavann kaliye
    Many many congratulations to the Jamati representatives for being with the Member of The Noorani family.
    I hope and pray that this visit will bring many many changes in the region and will boastup the existing position of the jamat and will pave a way for many developmental works.


  4. YAM,
    Congratssss 4 u all hunza ismaili bro,s and sis and best of luck for new serena hotel. it is a light comes in hunza a new project of imam and service for his jamat. he really cares for us

  5. Please don’t take it spiritually,
    I mean yes it’s good to know abt serena construction and its another great initiative by Prince Amyn we all appreciate this caz it will create employment opportunities and it will help to bring foreigners which results poverty reduction. But it’s not part of our religion so please keep our religion out of material things.


  6. Dear Imtiaz, reading your above comment makes me think you’re referring to Serena Hotel enterprise as something outside of the faith. Allow me to point out that Serena is part of Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development under AKDN, and if you read AKDN’s Ethical Framework then you’d get to know how everything is interconnected and there is a balance in Din and Dunya.

  7. Excellent news. It looks so beautiful in Hunza, Prince Amyn Muhammad seems to be enjoying it there.

    You are right aa. Imitaz, Everything material Hazar Imam does through the AKDN institutions is done by the ethics of our faith, and our worldly responsibilities are inextricably linked with our spiritual responsibilities. As Hazar Imam has said “there is no dichotomy in Islam”, so while this may be a worldly initiative, Hazar Imams intentions go way beyond business ventures. By increasing tourism and international investment into marginalised societies by the active encouragement of tourism through the Serena hotels for example, he is also developing the growth and stability of the region. And in turn human development on a general and more personal level by increasing hope and eliminating any dispondency of the people by investing in them.

    Ya Ali Madad

  8. Congrtulations to the Huzai Jamat. May Mowla grant you lots of Barakaat,peace,happiness and Prosperity. Amen

  9. I would just like to say that individuals making comments should listen to are Imam of the time, observe what he does and the people around him. You will be a better person if this is done with out words or consultation. Our Imams have brought us so far and yet individuals judge them when they make effort to improve our society and the world. Our Imam is the Imam of the world not just Ismailis I wish people would start to see that and acknowledge it, especially our fellow Ismaili society. AA states the balance between Din and Duniya and Imtiaz you need to go back and listen to Hazar Imam’s firmans they are important in what we do everyday.

  10. When I see, the area and its fascinating beauty, I feel it is amazing and eye opening too. Mowla is doing enormous works for Ismailis, Umma and other communities Worldwide.

    We being Ismaili very fortunate and I don’w know what to say but I bow my head as a mark of respect and when see our name worldwide feel proud of Imam’s achievements in 21st Century.

    I am submitting some of my poetry in Shan-e-Karimim, I do hope you will like it.

    Thank you so much for your time.


    Aaj Roohan Barish hogi

    Aaj Roohani Barish hogi
    Aaj Noorani Barish hogi

    Kheele(n) gay ruhani Phool
    Her turf Noorani mehk hogi

    Dil key kisi koney mai(n) aag to hogi
    Oos aag kay jalney say; noorani rahat hogi

    Aaj Roohani Barish hogi
    Aaj Noorani Barish hogi

    Kheele(n) gay ruhani Phool
    Her turf Noorani mehk hogi

    Dil kay Darichey mai(n) hey; Mandir oos-ka
    Jaago-gey; to mulakat hogi

    Aaj Roohani Barish hogi
    Aaj Noorani Barish hogi

    Kheele(n) gay ruhani Phool
    Her turf Noorani mehk hogi

    Aag key lo aur endhen soch-ka
    To Koon-Fayakoon wali baat hogi

    Aaj Roohani Barish hogi
    Aaj Noorani Barish hogi

    Kheele(n) gay ruhani Phool
    Her turf Noorani mehk hogi

    Hey Meraj maqsad-e-insaniyat Khuda ka
    Na pai manzil to; kahan baat hogi

    Aaj Roohani Barish hogi
    Aaj Noorani Barish hogi

    Kheele(n) gay ruhani Phool
    Her turf Noorani mehk hogi

    Amir Samji


    Thirsty are we, Mowla of your deedar
    It had been years, since we had deedar
    We can’t live any more with no deedar
    Shower your mercy, bless with deedar

    Holding volcanic eruption, in our hearts
    Thinking day, and night, though it’s hard
    Accept plea, as we are not that die-hard
    Become lazy, forget that you are the start

    Though, we know to be regular in prayers!!
    But, we give more time to worldly affairs!!
    Still we do that, though, it is being unfair!!
    It has dense our souls with sinful layers!!

    Still there is time, please follow my advice
    Will be lamenting, and paying heavy price!
    And that would not be mine, your choice!
    Is my duty to guide, how to be in paradise!

    My wish is, you have success in both worlds
    Accomplish your destiny, be a piece of pearl!
    You can achieve this by balancing your life!!
    I know, is easy, practice it, to see the light!!

    Mowla, years have been passed just like that
    I remember very well, you advised us to wait
    Still waiting Ya Ali Bapa, please come back!
    Forgive all our sins, our past we much regret!

    Mowla, I have no where to go, except to wait
    I know, is my fault, day by day it’s getting late!
    My rosary continues, unless have piece of cake
    Now, year end is near, please give us tax brake!

    When we hear, you bless other jamats with deedar
    Our hearts, and minds, go haywire to have deedar
    Please, listen to our plea, bestow us your deedar
    Sins will be washed away with the bounty of deedar


    Golden Jubilee of Imam-e-Zaman 2007

    We are in year of Golden Jubilee celebration
    Contemplating ways how to begin deliberation
    Such events comes once in lifetime to be in session
    Have to think meaning of; and define its definition

    If we think where were and where we are
    Let’s begin with 1957 don’t go any further far
    I remember those days socially we were at war
    Fighting day and night to come out of that war

    Slowly and gradually we were moving our cars
    Suddenly Mowla injected jet fuel in 1942 cars
    That sped up development to see beyond stars
    His vision accelerated developments with no wars

    In all walk of life moving with Godspeed so far
    Soon will be at peak; to be with others at par
    Virtually owning a country with no land so far
    Mowla is the king; His obedient servants; we are

    World amazed; how this happened with no army and wars
    This is the outcome of His Vision beyond; Galaxy of Stars
    I’m dreaming off to start celebration in my kingdom of stars
    Angels and Fairies are jubilant to come down from Mars!

    Amir Samji
    Copyright reserved 2007.

  11. It is beauty and instinct of intellect and diversity of human intellect that we all think differently but purpose is same like a glass of water someone will say half ful and someone will say half empty.

    It is Imamat’s divine mandate and He does it for entire mankind. Without Deen, Duniya has no meaning to me. Duniya has purpose of its creation and that is spiritual. Imam being spiritual leader, he takes care of our material world and our material progress.

    When I think with the instinct of insight of wisdom, I don’t see, there any difference in it. It depens on you how you define it.

    Thank you so much for your time and understanding.


  12. I quote below one of my poem titled as ‘Religion’. All religions are good religions. You know where it goes wrong when infuse commerical motive or politics in it; otherwise religions are fragrance of roses; reaches to everybody without descrimination.



    Religion is divine source of peace
    It is source of truth & salvation
    When a doctor gives up hope
    Religion console you to cope!

    When you turn down by all
    Religion helps before you fall
    You smile, and start to crawl
    You say thank you to all!

    Repent! and seek divine help!
    Rescue will fall in your lap!
    Is a joyous occasion to clap
    Vacuum fills in, to remove gap

    Find solution in a twinkle of an eye
    When see miracles, you feel to cry!!
    This is not limited to you & me, guy
    All human has intellect, can give a try

    Nature is singular source of power!
    His power has no limit whatsoever!
    Think of His mercy, do not invite His fire!
    As Universe revolves on His divine desire

  13. Great! many congrats for all the jamati members and all living in this part of planet earth that our Prince Amyn Muhammad was in Hunza.How fortunate these jamat is.Prince Amyn Muhammad the lovely brother of Sarkar Maulana Hazar Imam has definitely braought the fragrances of Sarkar Maulana Hazar Imam to this part of the globe.Please take this oppertunity as strenght of faith,our relations withother communities our brother and sisters in islam and a great deal of our plurilistic world.
    Millions of thanks are due to the composer of this website.
    millions of congrats for those fortunate to have chance to meet the Prince of the muslim world and have taken fotos with deligent personality.
    Dr karim AKSH AKFP

  14. A great moment for the Ismaili Boy Scounts Group to be in the company of the Ismaili Chief Scout.

    I as a scout trainor ismaili district boy scouts association gilgit congratulate the Group Scout Leader and his team.

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