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“Usama in Himalaya” – Joke of the year


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  1. Hazrat Usama bin Laden is not actually USama but he is USaba in the real sense. A correction needs to be done coz he iz a male and a male cannot be ama of the US. So the new name of this honourable “PEACE ACTIVIST” according to a new video tape released, by Al Jazeera TV, is USaba bin Laden.

    Wasn’t it a joke?


  2. Very nice title for him ” US Ama” and “peace activist” The world has been in peace eversince he was born.

  3. very good joke Noor.But very very good information by Alyan. today i realy love the joke and the fabulous is the best way to enrich our


    we are waiting,he will apear in karakurum university.


    Aziz karim kiu


  5. It is really humerous man!!!!!
    Keep adding new things as to make the site more vivid and alluring.
    I hope theat with the passage of time many many innivative and creative works apart from the current work will be introduced as to strengthen the site and catch a huge number of browsers and readers,.
    So far the role of PT has been outstanding and this is the first ever online magazine that has unique features and many contributors and readers.
    Keep going Noor and his team,I m proud of your work and leadership.
    Aslam Ghalib

  6. People… we need to understand the real issue. This cartoon has been drawn in response, to ridicule, the news spread by US Army that Usama Bin Laden is living in the vicinity of K2. The cartoonist might have used his expertise to show the humor side of the entire story but there is something beyond humour that needs to be comprehended.

    This claim – that Usama is in the region near K2, can be used a pretext for an attack on our motherland by the powerful US forces. What do you think about that?

    Also, there is an issue related to the name of our region, I read in the daily DAWN, yesterday, a letter that talked about operations in the Northern Areas. Officially Northern Areas is the alternative name for Gilgit – Baltistan and, this, region, has nothing to do with the Taliban and their comrads in arm.

    We need to press peacefully for renaming of our region. Threre is a confusion whereby people also include Gilgit – Baltistan in the ‘WANA’ category.

    Please give your opinon in that regard too.


  7. Dear Noor,
    As far as the text having a claim that Usama is found somewhere in the vicinity of K2 is concernrd I think the Americans know more about the places about which we don’t have any information.Their technology is very developed and you are very well familiar with the Google Earth where you can even locate your house and the nearby places.
    If they have the intentions to attack our mother land I think they know more than us about the geograghy and things like that.These are just suppositions and assumptions in my view.
    During the attack in WANA,why didn’t they attack our place considering it as an integral or geographical part of WANA or NWFP.
    We need not to get worried as have no involvements in any of activities which are being targetted by the US.
    We have a peaceful environment and we won’t be endangered.
    Yeah,there is one possibility as the place where we are dwelling has political significance as are surrounded by the world’s two top powerful countries.If their target is the either of the two,in that perspective this could be an option.

  8. Dear Ghalib

    I take your point regarding the technological superiority of the United States and of cours, with Google Earth in our pc every body can claim to know more than anybody about anything around the world. Google Earth is used to demarcate landmarks, buildings, geographical frontiers. It, still, has to offer a people searching facility. When it does, we – me and you, can collecitvely search for Uncle Usaba (as christened by dear Aliyan).

    And by the way I hope you know the news about Mulla Omer’s escap in Afghanistan. When Americans said that he fleed on a Japanes Made Motorcycle. I know Uncle SAM has the habit of cracking such jokes.

    My only concern, dear Ghalib, is not solely with military attacks on our motherland. This period of the year, as you already are aware, is the peak tourist season. Such news – that too coming from the US Armed Forces, has dire consequences for tourist flow in the region. You don’t always need military attacks to destroy regions!!

    Pakistan and China are engaged in expanding trade via this corridor, and why would USA like to allow so much ‘libtery’ to China and Pakistan? It has to create hurdles. This might be another of the hurdles.

    And above all these speculations, don’t you agree with me that the name of our region doesnot define our geography. Are not we included, still, in the NWFP or, worst, in the tribal areas?


  9. The issue of naming our region is of great concern.We need to have our own identity and self esteem.We have nothing to do with Kashmir,WANA, or NWFP.
    We have a strong historical backgroung and the cultural norms are social values are flamboyant and eminent to let us proudly call ourselves as the members of a region of unique identity.
    We must strive for the rights that are strill not reinstated.
    Aslam Ghalib

  10. Dear Readers of PT,
    After reading the news about the accident my nerves got paralysed as a sudden shock insinuated my mind.
    The mountanous places having impperviabilities put precious lives into imperiled situations.
    I am really concerned about the death of so many people belonging to the same village.It is a huge loss and irrepairable.
    My sympathy is with the mourning families and I pray to Mawla that he might place the souls in eternal peace(Ameen).
    Aslam Ghalib,Lahore

  11. Dear Friends
    No doubt in one hand it’s a great jock of the year but in other hand it’s a threat for us. As Noor has narrated the background story of this news, which is absolutely true. This is needed to be handling very intellectually by carrying out discussion form at local, regional and national revels. As I think this is not a fresh recline of western media. We have to understand the time period of the proclamation on media. This is the time when tourists from entire world come to Northern Areas to observe our culture and enjoy the nature. At this point to time they have speculated this news that Osama is in the Himalaya (K.2).
    Second thing dear Noor, which I think is needed to be consider is that now a days I am observing on Pakistani media that they are frequently using the name of Northern Areas while talking about instability of NWFP region. No doubt we have our own reservations on the name but again it’s a matter of our credibility in front of world. What message our media is conveying to the world regarding Northern Area? We need to conduct forms to discuss the current sociopolitical issues of the region. I personally appreciate your idea that your team is going to arrange a convention in Karachi to discuss the political future of Gojal I believe this will be a first step towards political revolution in Gojal. My prayers and best regards are always with Pamir Time.
    Hameed Karachi

  12. it should be no surprise if tommorrow US claims that Usama is hiding in Devsai

  13. I think there is very secret planning behind the rumor that Usama is in N.As. There is a hidden agenda behind this which is becoming visible day by day. In today newspaper there is a report with the name of ” Hidden hands trying to disrupt N.As. Peace”, in which this has been indicated that some powerful hidden hands are involved in destroying the peace of the area in the name of religion. if this happens, future of maga projects like expansion of KKH, Diamer Basha Dam and Upcomming elections of NALA will be in limbo.

  14. It is true that we are disgraced by the name of Northern Areas. Specially after uprise of militency Taliban movment in the FATA and Swat and other parts of NWFP, the media is refering the whole area as Northern Areas of Pakistan.

    It is high time to look for a most appropriate name for our region. I suggest that PAMEER is very suitable name because we are spreading this name on the web very positively and I hope Pameer Times will be the voice of the region some day in the future.

    Lets see what people say about this.

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