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Govt. increases land value in Hunza Nagar and Gilgit

Hunza, June 04: The Government has increased the land rates in Hunza-Nagar and Gilgit districts. According to a notification issued from the office of District Collector, the rates for cultivable land in Khizerabad, Hussinabad, Mayoon and Khudaabad has been increased from 1 lakh 80 thousands to 2 lakh 61 thousands rupees per kanal.

Similarily, the rate for Nasirabad, Murtazabad and Hassanabad has been fixed at 2 lakh 90 thousands rupees. The new rate for cultivable land in Aliabad, Doorkhun, Garelth, Girum, Ganish Kalan, Muhammad abad and Karimabad will be 3 Lakh 60 thousands and commercial land 5 Lakh 80 thousands rupees.  The new rate for Hyderabad has been fixed 3 lak 60 thousands, Altit 2 lak 60 thousands while commercial rate for both villages will be 4 lakh rupees per kanal.  Likewise, the value of land in Faizabad, Sarat, Ahmedabad, Ghamis Sarat and Attaabad will be 2 lakh 60 thousands. 

 In Gojal area, the commercial rate for Ayeenabad, Shishkat, Gulmit, Passu, Khyber, Ghalapun, Morkhoon, Gircha has been fixed at 5 lakh and for cultivable land 2 lakh 90 thousands rupees per kanal.

This step will immediately benefit the affectees of KKH widening project.

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  1. Dear Noor,

    Can you please confirm the source of this news because I want to know the rates of lands of Sost, which is missing.

    Thanks a lot for up-dating us.

    Mowla bless you and your team.

  2. please, reconform land rate of gojal, u wrote that land
    fixet 5 lack’s and cultivable 2 lacks 90 thousand.
    do u mean cultivated land 5 lacks and the rest 2 lacks 90 thousand….

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