Gilgit - Baltistan

Air Sports Show to be held in Gilgit city

by Sultan Ahmad

According to reports an Air Sport Show is being organized on 7 June, 2008 at 1000 hours in City Park Gilgit. This show is being organized by Northern Areas Scouts in collaboration with Hawks Gliding Club, Islamabad. Gilgit will be third city in Pakistan where this sport is being introduced. In this show experienced Pilots of various sports both from home and abroad are participating. The show will see performances in Hang,  Gliding , Paragliding, Para Motor, Ultra Light Air Craft and Sky Diving. This event is likely to have positive impact for tourism in the Gilgit – Baltistan region.

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  1. Good news for all people of the area as it will boost tourism and provide entertainement to local residents. Thanks Sultan Sahab for sharing such an informative news.

  2. Cool to know it, also agreed that it will boost up the tourism in the area, but how if our entire country is engulfed with the winds of extremism and terrorism. It started in 1998 when we became the 1st Islamic country to have a nuclear power. The event of 9/11 stated dismantling the structure of tourism industry in the area. 7/7 played another destructive role. Now the current so called Talibanization of the beautiful valley of Swat…? The ongoing suicide attacks during the year. Let us ask ourselves a question, how rational are these activities in order to rebuild our collapsed tourism industry? Can we counter the national and international level forces through such activities? It might help; it might work, but the most important thing is to bring peace in the entire region. Ensuring the security of the international tourists is another key factor. Security does not mean assigning few policemen FC to protect them. Tourists always want to enjoy their tour far from watchful eyes. Tourism under the guns never makes any sense. Without dealing with the above mentioned issues I am not sure if the government will be able to boost the tourism industry in our area.

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