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Strike: Govt employees in Gilgit-Baltistan decide to protest cessation of 25% special pay

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Gilgit, June 11: Employees of the Gilgit-Baltistan government have decided to go on a pen-down strike starting Wednesday, to protest the federal government’s decision of ceasing 25 % special pay being paid to them.

According to details, the federal government had through a notification announced that 25% special pay being paid to the local employees of the Gilgit-Baltistan government is being ceased. According to some sources the federal government had also instructed that the payments already made to the employees should be recovered.

NewspaperThe local employees consider this to be a gross violation of their rights and an example of discriminatory treatment. The same was voiced today through a newspaper advert in which the “All Gilgit-Baltistan Employees’ Association” had accused the federal and provincial government of treating the local employees with bias, while rewarding the non-local employees deputed in the region.

The newspaper advert read that the non-local employees were getting 150% more salary than the rest.

It is pertinent to note that the employees had gone to the Court against the discriminatory treatment meted to them and the Court had instructed the administration to pay the 25% special salary to them, including arrears from the past. For some time the payment was made but now it has been forcefully stopped, for unknown reasons, the Association stated.

The employees had appealed to the Chief Minister and the Governor to intervene in the situation and stop the injustice.

It has been learnt that the Tanzim-e-Asatiza Pakistan (TAP) has also resolved to join the protest drive. They have demanded of the government to take “appropriate action” against the “unlawful notification” to avoid the strike.

In a press statement today, the Chief Minister had said that no injustice will be done to the government officials. He has also asked the Finance Ministry to submit a detailed report on the issue.

1 thought on “Strike: Govt employees in Gilgit-Baltistan decide to protest cessation of 25% special pay

  1. Challenging and alarming situation for CM and Governor of GB. the welfare of staff should be priority for Govt in view of its financial capacity.Once to grant 25 % allowance and now its with drawl seems childish movement.With the passage of time this allowance should enhance while now it is deducted. such behaviour creates disintegration and despondency amongst employees. If Self Govt is not in position to continue the allowances how it can regularized thousand of staff or appoint new ones. Needs to streamline the systems.
    To held the employees more accountable to perform their duties effectively and efficiently is another thing but depriving them them their rights seems irrational and illogic. We need to eliminate the differences of local and none local perception in the larger interest of country as well as GB. My request with GB govt would be to take steps to reduce the management and none developmental cost.

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