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Return of Summer is return of life for mountain villages

June 8, 2008: Students enjoying summer vacations by playing volleyball at Gulmit Pologround. The pologround is being renovated and developed.

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  1. Dear Moderators of Pamir News Blog and,

    Wonderful ideas!

    We need to strengthen such kind of activities even beyond summer seasons. I am confident to say that every segment of life needs entertainment. I remember the golden days of tournaments at Gojal Hunza level, where every member of the society were contributing in a form of players and spectators and radiating the lights of love, and harmony.

    We need to keep live games and sports in more disciplined manner. It is fact that by the space and time we are loosing very positive signs in today’s stressful and busy time. As, a result the social evils fill the vacuums and put the world in trouble. I hope the responsible representatives/officials from government side including social welfare societies, AKYSB, civil society organizations and local communities will encourage sports and games for all walks of life in the greater cause of peace, harmony in our society.

    Sharif Khan

  2. our success be gauged by the contribution that we so far made at national level by producing a talent in any of the sports none……i remember when i was in skardu high school in early 90s we witnessed organized inter school sports events at distrrict level .where has that gone .truely that has bred a new horrible dimension in our society of students being involed in activities which even now i can’t think of…..we all need to ponder
    from liberia

  3. Soprts play major role in the life of every human being accross their lives. Playgrounds are the places which keep the youth “off the street” and where they learnvalues like discipline, self confidence, responsibility, sacrifice, and accountability.
    Apart from remaining fit and healthy, sports are/should be the most effective way to avoid substance abuse. Unfortunately some of the players do not seem to appreciate the fact and open use of drugs during sports tournaments is very common in the area. Unless such malpractices are not stopped, the younger players will accept it as a norm.
    Most of the responsibility lies on the shoulders of senior players & organizers who have to set healthy trends for the younger ones. Then and only then sports will serve the actual purpose of creating a healthy society.

  4. …i have a great request to SIR SHARIF KHAN,2 join PAMIR TIMES n oder to give more strength to this link[pamir times]..this site has a FUTURE MANDATE to suck brains from the upper hunza,to infrom us n give light on past,present n future of NORTH issues n how 2 make it flourished………….

    ur each n every comments z very informative which keeps, we the students of NORTH up to date abt the present time…

    sir SHARIF has done his M-ED from the UNIVERSITY OF AGA KHAN..

    ……suggestion 2 noor n zulfi…

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