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MERP worker laid to rest in Gulmit, Gojal

In a tragic accident, that took place in Azad Kashmir, yesterday, July 4, Ms Maujeen died along with one of her female colleagues. The driver of the vehicle and another person, sitting on the front seats, jumped from the vehciel and saved their lives. The dead body of Ms Maujeen reached Gulmit, Gojal, today in the morning and was laid to rest. Ms Maujeen was a nurse by profession. She was working for the Disaster Management component of MERP, a project of AKDN.

We, at Pamir Times, offer our deepest condolences over this tragic accident and pray for the departed souls.

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  1. Very sad indeed, may Allah keep her soul in eternal peace and grant utmost patience to the braved family. My heartfelt and deepest condolence goes to each and every one of her family members: her brothers, Mujeeb & Shareef, sister Yasmin and to other close relatives, especially Amir Ali, Didar Karim & family.

  2. Dear Zaqyour Zulfiqar,Noor Ajaz and Pamir Times Colleagues

    Thank you very much all of you for your deepest Condolence and pray for the departed Souls of my marhoma Sister Bibi Maujeen.

    Thanks again all of you.

    Ali Aman Gojali
    Wakhan Tourism

  3. The sudden demise of Mujeen is really a great lose for the family and the area at large. She was a lady of her own and strived a lot thoughout her life. At this accasion i extend my sincere condolencc to the family, and to her well wishers and friends.

    Late Mujeen was working for the disaster management component of MERP a project of Aga Khan Development Network in Kashmir. FOCUS has no operations in Kashmir

  4. Very sorry to heard about the sudden demise of Ms. Moujeen in Kashmir. I extend my heartfelt condolence to her mother, her sister Yasmin and rest of her family. May Mowla give her eternal peace (Aameen). No doubt she was a self made woman throughout her life.

  5. yam
    to all relatives
    It was very shocking to hear this news but mankind is so helpless in this matter.GOD DOES WHATEVER HE WANTS.we can only pray for her and i pray for her soul that may GOD rest her soul in peace.(ameen).

  6. Inna-Lillahi Wa Inna-ilaihi Rajio’on.
    Very sad news, may Allah bless her soul in eternal peace.Ameen

    Javed ,

  7. Deepest condonences to the braved family. She was doing the most noble job of helping the suffering humanity.
    May her soul rest in eternal peace. (Aamin)

    Aziz and Sadia

  8. Dear friends!!

    the second young fellow departs from our family. I los my beloved nephew Sher Ahmed who lost his life in Kashmir and this year Maujeen is no more with us. “May God Bless Her Soul With Eternal Peace. Amen”


  9. very sad indeed i can pray may allah rest her soul in eternal peace and the sufferd family will bear this un-expected death & situation of thier family member my candolences to the all family member,s…and loopyor ALI AMAN will recive my deep candolence through this message in afghanistan…

    Didar Karim Bari

  10. Ms Moujeen’s sudden death was extreamely shocking news for all of us in Islamabad. I knew Ms Moujeen since she was implementing community health program of AKDN in Islamabad. She was very instumental in providing health care services to my kidds.

    She was highly dedicated to her profession and she was one of the few exceptional people who had the courage
    to work in most challenging environments. We would like to pass on our condolence to her immidiate familiy members.

    Darjat, Momo , Wajahat, Basharat, Maria and Zakawat

  11. Dear readers of PT,
    It is really a moment of great sadness for me and my entire family for having lost two precious lives in a very short period of two years.
    The death of my first cousin Sher Ahmed changed the entire atmosphere of my family from a happy going to a deeply mourning family. The rate of mourning had not declined as another irreparable loss occurred which increased the length of the anxiety many folds and put many broken hearts into a situation which shattered many hopeless souls who had expected a spark for the reactivation of a new life.
    Mojeen was a self made brave and stout hearted woman who despite all the social constraints moved ahead with the notion to change the fate of her family and the entire area. She served in AKHS’P for longer time after having completed her nursing. Afterwards she went on working hard in reputed organizations as to face the challenges of the time being an energetic and motivated professional. She was a confident lady and the traits of confidence she had acquired from the very beginning remember the time when my dad used to write speeches for her for different speech competitions and she used to stand first in all the competitions. The evidence of this fact is the prizes which are still hanging in the racks of the old jamatkhana of Dalgiram and are indeed beautiful commemorates to be cherished forever.
    I would like to show my deepest sympathy to Bech Rahim Ullah,Mujeeb,Sharif,Mom Nooribakht,Rubina and Yasmin.Apart from the actual family I would like to show my great concern to all the relatives.
    May the departed soul of my sister Mojeen rest in eternal peace (Ameen).
    Aslam Khan Ghalib

  12. We are deeply shocked and saddened to the sad demise of our beloved sister Moujeen.

    She was really highly dedicated to her profession and she was one of the few exceptional people who had the courage to work in most challenging environments.

    On behalf of our family members, we pay our heartiest gratitude to each and every one of you for your support and messages.

    May Allah keep her soul in eternal peace.

    Kind Regards.
    Amir Ali
    Vellani & Vellani
    Advocates & Legal Consultants
    148, 18th East Street, Phase I,
    Defence Officers’ Housing Authority
    Karachi – 75500, Pakistan
    Tel: 92 (21) 580-1000
    Fax: 92 (21) 580-2120

  13. Ya Ali Madad
    Dear Readers

    I thank from my all family members to all of you for yours deepest condolence and sympathy. May Mawlah give this Hajer to all brothers and sisters.
    Yes it is true which my brothers Mehboob and Ghalib said that with in short time (tow years) we loss our yang brother Sher Ahmad last year in Kashmir and this year we loss our sister Bibi Maujeen in Kashmir .Inna-Lillahi Wa Inna-Ilaihi Rajio on.
    May Maulah bless his and her soul with internal peace, (Ameen).

    Ali aman gojali

  14. The sudden demise of sister Maujeen has stunned us. The God’s will prevails and we are helpless. In fact this is an irreparable loss to her family, as well as to the whole area, as we lost a self-made, dedicated, and a very social icon of our community, May Allah rest her soul in eternal peace and bless courage to the grieved family to bear this huge loss. I extend my condolence to all the family members especially to the grieved parents, bro. Mujeeb, Sharif, sis. Yasmeen, Rubina, bro. Amir Ali (Adv), Didar Karim (Adv), Ali Aman & all her friends and well wishers.

    Javed Ali Khan

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