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Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Gilgit

Can this school be the Aligarh Muslim University of Gilgit – Baltistan?

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  1. This needs a lot of sacrifice, hard work, passion and above all sincereity. We may recall how resoruces were gathered for the Aligarh University. Universities like Al-Azhar and Ali garh came into existence becuase people had realized the importance of KNOWLEDGE. I pray and wish that this icon of excellence one day becomes part of the chian of Aga Khan Academies of excellence- then it will be no more behind Aligarh.

    1. indeed you are right but Ali Garh’s door was open for all Muslims without any discrimination of sect, colour, creed etc, but this institution spreeding discrimaination amoung different sects. Door of this bioused institution is closed for Shias and Sunnis of this regiion. this is only for promoting one sect agenda not more than this
      Must think about it, least it should not be better for all of us.


      1. I myself have done my FSc Pre-Engineering from AKHSS,G. We had many class fellows with us belonging to other schools of thoughts with us SUNNI and SHIA Isnashri.
        Mr Akhtar you can ask from those students, have they been treated with any biased attitude ?
        Doors are open for students on merit bases, not on sect. This is a miss understanding and ignorance. Even teachers are from different sects of Islam.

  2. The place which has given me more than I could ever expect.It has set a new trend for the learners and would retain its dignity as its graduates move on with a new and more vivid goals.

    Our will is strongs,our aims are high
    We will make you a place for the world to see.

    Thou are a place to be,a place to learn
    we are the learners,a family of thee

    Our will is strongs,our aims are high
    We will make you a place for the world to see.

    We ll give rise ,to our light
    in your arms we will think high and free

    Our will is strongs,our aims are high
    We will make you a place for the world to see.

    The place which is marvellous and is made with the vision to explore the hidden talents of the north.I wish and hope that this place will soon rise to its light and will touch the apex of progress.It is established with the aim to provide a conducive environment for the young leaders to boast themselves in the various spheres of life.
    I am proud of being a graduate of this auspicious and dignified educational institution and still have the thirst to call myself as a higher secondrian.
    My spritual affiliations are very strong with this institutuin and I want to see it becoming a true Jama like Ali-Garh.
    Aslam Ghalib

  3. It should be……….we all have to contribute professionally for making it possible…………….. It’s the only institution in our area which can built our future in education, our ambitions are high and we really want to see it like Aligarh not only for Gilgit Baltistan for whole Pakistan.

    Rahim ud din
    Almaty Kazakhstan

  4. So fare this institution has played a very positive role in strengthening the higher secondary education in Gilgit, we hope this will remain continue in the days ahead.


    Shah Zaman

  5. it looks like that…good performence by school in few years we pray and we wish..and hope for the best..Aamin

  6. Inshallah AKHSS Schools will do the best as Ali Garh University and AKHSS’s have vital roles in that mountainous part of Pakistan as the Ali Garh University has for the Muslim all over the world. These Premier Educational Institutions will enlighten the Muslim women and men of that region and will put life in the heart of that nation.

    We also see the enormous achievements and successes of the Eminent Alumni of these premier institutions; The Aga Khan Girls Academy Karimabad Hunza,The Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Gilgit, and The Aga Khan School Gahkuch Punyal).

    I am quoting Mowlana Hazir Imam’s vision he wrote in the visitors book during the inauguration of The Aga Khan Academy Karimabad Hunza. He wrote;

    “This has been a deeply important day to me. It has seen the beginning of what I hope will be a new vision of life in the Northern Areas and the discovery of a direction hitherto not believed to be realistic, that progress in all walks of life is genuinely achievable. I congratulate all those who have contributed to this achievement and express to them all my deepest gratitude. May the Academy fulfill everyone’s highest expectations, beginning with those of the students’ themselves”.

    I have very strong spiritual connections with this institution and I pray to see AKHSSs like Ali-Garh for the people of that mountainous region(Aameen).

    Shamim Ali
    Boston USA

  7. We all know that Aligarh produced grate leaders in Muslim History, I pray the students of this institution will prove themselves as great leaders in ourcommunity, Although the construction and the enviroment is superb.

  8. AKHSS is an icon of excellence.
    inshallah the students will prove that YES it is the ALI GARH of the time.

  9. INSHALLAH it will. I hope the past, present and future students of AKHSS will work hard to meet our nation’s expectation.

    Good Luck

  10. I don’t think so……. i have too many reasons and doubts in mind … time constraints…..not the specific forum to share sensitive things.

  11. Being a graduate of the Aga Khan Girls Academy Karimabad Hunza, I am confident that the AKHSS in Hunza, Gilgit and Sher Qilla are above the antiquated approaches of earlier days and are instilling in our students the three “A’s” of modern learning-the spirit of anticipation, the spirit of adaptation and the spirit of adventure as said by Mawllana Hazir Imam.

    I hope these schools will strive to further raise their standards to become true centres of excellence and nurture enlightened and intellectually humble human resources.

    I wish that these centers become and remain the icons of excellence. But let’s don’t forget that struggle for excellence is always underpinned by “room for improvement”. Let’s hope that these institutions don’t get fossilized with what they achieve but continually look forward to raising their standards to a much higher level.

    Let’s pray that these institutions do not remain just the disseminators of knowledge but become the centers for “creation of knowledge”. With informed farsightedness, they can easily make a move towards becoming the centers of “Takhleeq-e-Ilm” not only “Tehseel-e-Ilm”.

    All good wishes

    Safina Arshad Harri

  12. the envionment itself is more then aligarh now it is up to the old and new students to mantain this reputation for a longer time period, then we can say that it really aligarh.

  13. No doubt AKHSS is one of the best institution in not only NAs but in Pakistan. Its students are studying today in the best institutes of Pakistan and I sure am proud that I am a part of this great institute.

  14. Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Gilgit, in simple word is a paradise of blossoms which will take time but once it will bloom its fragrance will penetrate each corner of the world. It is because ” OUR WILL IS STRONG OUR AIMS ARE HIGH”.
    Our beloved Iman has always stressed every individual to be the best in their performance. AKHSSG is the place where one can achieve it.
    Boys! Don’t miss the chance, develop yourselves and fill yourselves to your full capacity if you have the chance. Rest of the world will be on your fingure tips.
    That is what i have experienced.
    AKHSSG is nodoubt the Aligarh of today.

  15. I don’t think the AKHSS is one of the best institutions in Pakistan. Over leaders in the north is looking only money and chair and make there on name lick AKF.
    In Karamabad the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School only for Girls. and the BOYS are smoker and Driver ???? Are the AKF is only for Girls ?????? I never??? We are in Pakistan not in London or Paris or USA the style of teaching 40 years old .??????????????????

  16. Our expectation is very high, unrealistic, and baseless, we are expecting higher and qualitiy education from a well architectural building, look at the systems we have in AKES, Management fighting with teachers, teachers are on strikes, students are waiting for their result, delayed becouse of mismanagements and fights. Teachers are hopeless, Managements have no visions, parents have no say and as a result students have no qualities. We need quality education in schools level, if your schooling is bad how would you expect quality education and dreaming AKHSS as university.

    I am sorry we all have supperficial thoughts, and used to dreaming rosy life. i am also supprise ” PAMIR TIME” is silence over this very important issues.

    Dilawar Khan Parbat

  17. Why AKHSS Gilgit to become Al Azhar? why not others? like the one in Gahkuch, karimabad, or Sherquilla??


  18. Repeating science subjects for two years… and obtaining high marks, in FSc, is not the only indicator of becoming a higher learning seat of the world.

    That requires visionary leaders…. the leaders of this set even can not able to think what would heappen in five years time.

  19. Dear all,
    Thanks for good wishes of our premier institutions in North and particularly for AKHSS Gilgit. We are always optimistic and fortune for having the guidance of MHI. We should all put our efforts according to our capacity to make the educational institutions stronger by getting insights from modern research and technology. Either the schools in our villages or towns and cities each need the commitment and devotion of all stakeholders rather to pin point only the weaknesses.

    Those who have the pessimistic approach could even always remain frustrated throughout their life and far away from their destiny. I do hope every individual could contribute for the betterment of our educational system in our country to make sure each student should become a responsible and informed citizen of the global village.

    thanks and regards

    Sharif Khan

  20. I agree with Dilawar Khan we should focus on grass root level and from there we struggle for merit and quality, as compare to English medium Schools in the area the AKES schools looks Urdu Medium, how much trainings given to teachers the result is zero, and how many of our AKES school’s students are in Aga Khan Higher Secondary School Gilgit, or Aga Khan Academy….??
    and the teachers who are teaching in AKES schools, their children are in English mediums schools, if they are not satisfy from their schools and how will other parents expect quality education…?

  21. Ya iam sure and myy prayers are with it. It is a place, where people dream about. I consider my self the lckiest of all being the part of this piece of heaven.

  22. Dear Sharif Khan,

    You have catagorized the above comments in optimestic and pessimestic mind frame, but it in reality you should catagorize it in indepth sights and superficial appraisal. and i am surprised how you assessed them as a weak and away from destination and unsuccessfull individual. Plz re-think about it and this time not as AKHSS employ or well wisher but as an independent nuetrel observer and a common community members who suffering of all situation. Suprisingly some members of society celebrating their success for no reason!!!!!!!

    Best Regards

    Dilawar Khan Parbat

  23. Dear Dilawar Khan Parbat

    Pamir Times has done its work by generating a debate on the impact of the AKHSS and its future prospects. The question, “Can this beomce like Aligagh” was framed to seek the ideas of the readers about this ‘premier’ institution. I think the debate has already started.

    Personally, being a student of AKHSS, that too of the first batch, I feel a responsibility, like rest of its students, towards my alma mater. I can assure you that most of us, the students, are aware of the merits and demerits of studying at AKHSS and we are willing to contribute in the process, when we finish our formal studies.

    Let me clear it here that most of the students of AKHSS, after their graduations, are studying in some of the best centers of higher learning in the country. LUMS, IBA, GIK, NUST, FAST, SZABIST, QAU, PU and other top centers of learning have seen a huge influx of students from Gilgit – Baltistan, in the recent past, thanks to AKHSS – Gilgit.

    I am sure that most of the commentators are aware of the level of competition for admissions at these institutions. Only good marks in F.Sc can’t take you into these instituitons. Similarly, dozens of students have joined the ‘armed forces’, Navy and Army, and are building their careers.

    AKHSS Gilgit started operating in 1998, April, and has been operational for a decade, only.

    I agree with you that there are problems with AKHSS, specificaly, and the AKES, like all organizations, generally. The biggest problem, in my point of view, is the dearth of quality teachers in the region. People who are capable of imparting quality educaiton usually tend to use these premier institutions as their ‘launch pads’ and then land into places that offer better remunerations and/or career prospects.

    The leadership of AKES and the teachers of DJ/AKES schools have been in conflict, but that is not directly related to AKHSS. In principle I agree with the demands of the teachers that their salaries shall be raised, in the wake of this unprecedented inflation that has hit our economy. But we also need to keep in mind that the AKES teachers are trained more than any other teachers in the region. So I may ask, why does their efficiency not increase accordingly?

    I hope that we are able to get something positive from this discussion.


  24. All comments were praiseworthy but I had a little to disagree with Mr. Dilawar Khan Parbat. I agree with all other points he elaborated except one sentence that is pinching me hard, i.e. “SURPRISINGLY SOME MEMBERS OF THE SOCIETY CELEBRATING THEIR SUCCESS FOR NO REASON!!!” I really don’t know who is he pointing out but being a weak student of AKHSS, I do owe my success to my beloved institution no matter whether I am successful or not. Even if I didnt get anything in life, I would have the pride of being a student of AKHSS which has the name ‘AGA KHAN’ in it. This is my success and the success of those who are part of it in any way.

    Ali Garh had the AGA KHAN in it too and this has got a AGA KHAN in too. Well, the students may also be smokers, etc. but still they have got hopes, aims and wills. Nobody is perfect except God.


  25. Dear Readers
    different views i went through about the above topic pointed out by Noor for discussion. It is the right of the people to share their views and ideas about a topic. talking or passing remarks about some thing is really very easy and criticizing some one blindly is i think irrational. Irrational in sense that some one must go through the passed records of the school and the students. the first three batches of AKHSS are in the top universities and almost of them have started their professional careers and thanks Allah almighty that they are going on well.inshallah the comming batches will keep it up. No one is perfect you may have seen some of the students of AKHSS in activities which one doesn’t likes. If one is saying that AKHSS will be repeating the history of Ali Garh then it is based on the basic thinking and reflecting approaches. One can see a student smoking some where but no one would see him being nonsense and lacking the abilities which a man should have for his survival and for the betterment of society,After all there is no one perfect. you will find the students of AKHSS gathered some where always discussing an issue and bringing out solutions or doing a healthy activity, it doesn’t means that all other are lacking the above told qualities.again, it was a discussion.
    It is the start and your encouragement and better analysis can make some more differences

  26. Dear readers of PT,
    I went through almost all the comments and found diversified opinions. No doubt there are discrepancies and faults in every organization and MHI himself says that one should not expect perfection from his institutions. If we talk of standards and qualities then definitely it varies from place to place, from person to person and from institution to institution. The two terms standard and quality are relative terms. We can not compare our educational institutions with those of the developed countries rather can follow their foot steps for grooming in the various fields of interest. It took centuries for the developed nations to be called as developed. We can not claim of standing at the same place where oxford stands but can atleast strive towards it. We should not limitize the mandates of our organizations to the acquisition of good jobs rather should strive to develop intellectuals and leaders who could look after the various affairs in broader terms for better future prospects. I can see that still we have the orthodox ideologies and still the approach is very narrow and limited. There is no end of knowledge but one can systematically move ahead making use of our existing knowledge and the available resources. We need buildings fully equipped as would support our struggle and purpose by providing more space and more opportunities for individuals to develop themselves. A very good example of this fact is the recent decisions made by the HEC to ask the Plaza University owners to increase their land and building requirements to fulfill the basic necessities of the education for better outcomes.
    I hope that being the members of a community with dynamic leadership should not create divergence in our minds and thoughts rather should think about everything as if meant for a good cause.
    Aslam Ghalib
    Lahore Pakistan

  27. In my life two things ve really dictated my heart and one of them is
    AKHSSG…I ve been just a two days student of it in 2002
    but I always cherish those two days in ma life.Whenever I see any of its student I am involuntarily catched to get closer cordially.
    Regardless of the times challenges I believe AKHSS will always
    keep its height….
    Mohi ud Din
    Gentleman Cadet,
    EME college,NUST

  28. all the teachers were very good and how can someone forget Miss Samina Khan does anyone know where is she now teaching i am thankful to her for the support she always provided me
    AKHSS is a great place to be!

  29. our will is strong our amis are r high

    v will make u a place for thew world to seee


  31. AKHSS-G is a tree which first starts to grow leaves and then fruits and it makes the fruits as much sweet that everyone loves it.
    it has it”s own unique way of preparing the students for their future.



  33. yeah no doubt that AKHSS GILGIT is parpdiseon earth.this is the place over where aperson can chang his life.

  34. As our will is high and v r the shinging star of gilgit and baltistan, my dear frends now its our responsibility to make our this great institute a place “for the people to see'” v should be proud to be a part of AKHSS’G.
    i love u and miss u AKHSS’G

  35. our will is strong
    our aims are high

    inshallah we will it a make a best place for our children

  36. AKSSG is nodoubt the premier institution of Gilgit-Baltistan.Its students are talented and hard working and they proved themselves aswell. Its students are pursuing education in different premier institutions within the country and outside of the country. Many of them have completed their higher studies and are now are the part of different organisations.
    It should be remember that no one is perfect in the world.Their shold be flaws in the institution but the success rate is far more then the flaw rate.
    We all pray for its brightness and success ahead!

  37. no doubt ds is the best instituition of north . our hard work and dedicated efforts can surely take its status even beyond the aligarh college….v r proud of u THE AKHSS GILGIT…………………

  38. im also proud of akhss becuse it has led many oportunities for the students to achieve incredible heights i say this because i have acheived a fame for myself and an influence for akhss in world waterday drawing competition competition and due to higher secondarys repute some students who participated in that competition r in akhss’s this has only happened due to the facilities given by my school proud to be a student of this privileged institution.

  39. Aga Khan Higher Secondary, Hunza will be the aligar of Gilgit-Baltistan along with AKHSS, Gilgit For producing educated and sensible mothers of future. As Abraham Lincon said, GIVE ME A GOOD MOTHER, I WILL GIVE YOU A GOOD NATION.

  40. NOTE; please ignore the previous comment .. too much spelling mistakes..

    No doubt since the last decade AKHSS has been and is still the leading Higher Secondary education provider for GB. It has already provided a very healthy and high Quality youth to the region. But it must be understood that we should not consider AKHSS as a Aladdin’s Magical lamp that will continue giving the result as it has been giving in past and it is giving, for the continuation of its success lots of efforts and dedications are needed as it was needed during its establishment.
    People who have expectations from AKHSS must come forward and make efforts and support AKHSS instead of criticizing its progress.
    Looking at the alumni of the School i really feel sorry for AKHSS and all the communities of the north that the alumni after achieving heights that were not even imagined when AKHSS did not stand are now not giving any consideration and any support to the School. I believe that the alumni must support the school and make it a fruitful tree for GB that which was the vision of this Institution.
    After AKHSS Gilgit, AKHSS Hunza and AKHSS Gahkuch have also been playing very glorious role and they are taking the mission of AKHSS GB parallel. So they must also be fully supported and many other schools should be brought forward for creating an environment of competition which will boost the standards much more.
    I hope AKHSS never looses its glorious position and further develops to make GB a place for the World to see.. and i dream AKHSS GB expands to many more campuses in GB so that more and more students avail this enlightening experience of being an AKHSS student.
    Aga Khan Higher Secondary School..
    We are proud of thee .. 🙂

  41. proud 2 be studnt ofAKHSSG
    our will is strong our aims are high
    so we will make aplace to world to see

  42. sure it is contributing and will contribute more in the future. as a student it has given us the frame of learning and has given us the skills to compete with the fast changing world.

  43. AKHSS-G is a tree which first starts to grow leaves and then fruits and it makes the fruits as much sweet that everyone loves it.
    it has it”s own unique way of preparing the students for their future. i love the student of AKHSS

    Thanks & Regards
    Mazhar uddin shah sangi
    phander GHIZER

  44. We never will forget AKHSS,what we are today is solely because of that,Its no less then a holy place for us.!!
    We are getting together with some good ideas and some scholorships for deserving students..

  45. AKHS,S is one of the best institutions in Pakistan, and I pray ALLAH for more success of this institution.

  46. I really liked the long comments by our learned students and intellectualls,I must say nothing is impossible in this world but we should keep in mind the limitations of time and resource.This is not a matter of becoming a university for AKHSS in Gilgit rather it is based on a vision of stregten higher secondary scool level education the foundation for higher education.I agree with either side but university is a different matter game.Please restrict it to a school then think of Aligarh where all muslim sects came togather under sir syed ahmed khan and sir Aga Khan to create awareness among muslim community.Now the situation is different we need to strengthen KIU where they have hired retired professors from Sindh and Baluchistan where the quality of education is a question mark.We need to fill the gap there and deliver qualiy higher education from there.The Alumni of AKHSS should prepare themselves to join KIU then think about any AKU Campus near AKHSS.
    Saleem Khan KSA

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