Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

The begining of autumn in Gojal

Photo: Zulfiqar Ali Khan, September 14, 2008

9 thoughts on “The begining of autumn in Gojal

  1. Ajayib chist agar zybast Gulmit
    Ajayib dil pasand arast-e-Gulmit
    Hay Gulmit,Hay Gulmit, Hay Gulmit,Hay Gulmit
    A beautiful and fascinating picture by Zulfiqar Ali Khan.
    Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s the beauty of our valley that we observe the four seasons in a year and every season has its own charm. Ottoman tells us to prepare yourselves because winter is coming. I would like to call it a season of struggle because everyone has to terminate their engagement with Alau (Potato), wush (grass), Guuz (woods), mehwa (fruits) and shupunig (shepherd). It brings us happiness because usually we celebrate marriages in this season but it brings us sadness as well because the death rate increased in this season. So, we can say it is a season of multi-actions. Those who have access to come Gojal, Please enjoy this season on coming Eid.

  3. i apologize for the spelling mistake in my comment its not “Ottoman” its “auttumn”. Sorry again

  4. Mr. Ghalib.. can i correct u.. i think it is like..

    Ajab Zaibu Ajab Zaibost Gulmit
    Ajaoib Dil Pasand Aarast-e-Gulmit.

    b Hel Humi…

    Malang jon
    Darbar Sayien Baba

  5. as the Great “Bulbul” says

    Putun dunyom suma Nasti Zaing Dyor
    Yeh Zhu Khushrui Gojal Tuat Bi Misol….

    its Amazing,,,,,,,,


  6. The natural beauty on earth,,,,, I miss you vry much Gojal and proud to be a Gojali.

    Almaty kazakhstan

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