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Court orders for fresh election in Sost Dry Port

by: Zulfiqar Ali Khan & Muhammad Ali

Hunza, September 18: The Chief Court, Gilgit has ordered for fresh elections at Sost Dry Port trust in order to normalise the issue between the former and new cabinet of the port . The court panel comprising of Justice Muzzafar Ali and Justice Sahib Khan, in its decision has ordered the Civil Judge Hunza to send notice to Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan to call Annual General Body within fifteen days to hold fresh election.  The court in its decision has ordered to not violate the Bye-laws of the trust which assures election after every two years.

The court has nominated Civil Judge Hunza as the Returning officer for the election. The Civil Judge Hunza will announce the result of the election.

Ahsan Ali Advocate and Advocate Johar Ali represented the cabinat of Ali Afsar while Advocate Ali Dad Khan and  Muhammad Yaqub represented Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan.

Talking to this correspondent, the newly appointed Chairman Sost Dry Port Trust, Ali Afsar said that, as the former Chairman, Mir Ghazanfar was not calling the AGM for 9 years that is why majority of the shareholders demanded for elections of the officials of the Silk Route Dry Port Trust and elected his cabinet. He said that his cabinet has the support of majority shareholders so he will win the election, if freshly held.

He said that the shareholders and trust tried their level best to influnce the former cabinet to give due rights to the shareholders but they strengthened their vested interests, and damaged the interests of the shareholders and local community.  

The port controversy made new turns after the newly elected cabinet took over the port on April, 24 after a election boycotted by the former cabinet. This has intensified the issue ultimately affecting the trade activities at port. The new cabinet having the support of majority of shareholders are blaming the former Chairman Mir Ghazanfar and his family members for high level corruption in port affairs. For long time they were demanding for streamlining the shares of the local community including village and women organizations 

The local community is stressing on both the parties to resolve the issue peacefully and avoid using any illegal means to jeopardize law and order situation in the region.

The Gulmit Police station has deployed security personnel outside the port building to avoid any law and order situation, that might emerge as a result of the fresh turn.

According to latest reports, the police has stoped some of the local directors favoring Mir Ghazanfar to enter the port building.

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