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Sost wins Subedar Noor Ghulam Memorial Cricket Tournament in Karachi

By Noor

Karachi, September 21: Sost defeated Gojal United, a team comprising of players from different villages of Gojal, in an entertaining match, to win the Subedar Noor Ghulam Memorial Cricket Tournament, organized by Ghulkin Students Association, Karachi. 

Many teams participated in the tournament but Ghulkin, Hussaini, Gojal United and Sost were able to make it to the semi finals. In the semis Sost defeated Hussaini while Gojal United easily won against Ghulkin, qualifying for the final. 

Bating first in the final match, Sost were able to score a total of 105 runs, in the given ten overs. Gojal United struggled, despite of wonderful bating by Shehzad and Pervaiz and were restricted by Sost to 101 runs. Sost, thus, was able to win by by four runs, as the overs finished. 

Federal Drug Inspector, Rehmat Ullah Baig, was the chief guest during the prize distribution ceremony, while Lt. Col Zahid Hussain presided. Medals and trophies were distributed among the teams. Trophies were also given to outstanding performers, including Nadeem Posh, for his all round best performance and Pervaz, for his wonderful bating performance. Nadeem Posh also bagged the man of the match trophy. 

Speaking at the occasion the services of Late Noor Ghulam were highlighted by the speakers and the efforts of GSA for organizing the event were also lauded. Lt. Col Zahid asked the players to internalize the three values most cherished by the late renowned social worker. He said that fair play, social mobilization skills and positive thinking were three of the traits dominating the persona of the late Subedar. The chief Guest, Mr Rehmat, also shared similar sentiments and appreciated organizing of sporting events but asked the students to concentrate on their studies, as that was the primary objective behind migrating to Karachi.   

The event provided a healthy social space for the players to mingle, compete and learn from each other. However, during the second week a serious scuffle, that left a non – player badly injured, disturbed the congenial environment of fair play, brotherhood and tolerance. It was pleasing, however, that representatives of the involved team regretted the mishap and officially apologized, in a letter to the organizers. 

Save for the second week’s scuffle, rest of the tournament was able to bring the student community of Gojal together, offering them opportunities to compete fairly. 

 Photographs by Aziz Ali

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  1. Dear members of GSA

    you are doing a great job, keep up ur efforts for the development of education, cultural and sports, All the seniors and ex-office bearers of GSA fully support you in all your positive steps.


    Shah Zaman

  2. Congregulation to Sost Team specially Nadeem Posh,Jameel Uddin and other player,whos plays for Sost Team.

  3. congrats to sost for their win and to the guys of ghulkin for arranging such a fantastic tournament, this is a bold step to keep in touch of the youth of gojal,,
    thnnx aziz ali for capturing gafch baaf fitos, keep it up GHULYs we are all with u,,,,,,,,,

    F Karim Ghuly

  4. I and all my family members are very thankful to all the young blood of GSA who arranged such a wonderful tournament in the name of my late father Sub. Noor Ghulam. I congratulate the two finalists for their herioic wins. My deepest thanks to all the players and supporters and specially the families of Gojal settled at Karachi who dedicated their time, enthusiastic participation in the arrangements and cooperation with the organizing committee which made the tournament successful. I m gratefully thankful to all the reporters of Pamir Times for their coverage. May God bless you all

  5. congrats Sost team !!!!
    really the villager of sost are definitely desrves to win the game they knw wht is the team work. Coming together, sharing together, working together, succeeding together. if i am worng just remmber a programe at Aga khan hospital held ( tribute to Ustad Sultan ali samarqand) really i saw Ist time in my life that kind of programe in karachi.well done guys you people are proud of gojal & hunza
    May 2008 Be The Best – and all the years left to come!
    ~~! advance happy eid-ul-fitr to all muslims
    sher alam

  6. Congratulations Sost Eleven for winning trophy,keep it up.
    remember education must be your first priority.

    wish you all the best in your studies too.


    Israr Ahmed

  7. I really appreciate the efforts of GSA on the accomplishment of cricket tournament at Karachi. Uncle (late) Subedar Noor Ghulam was a role model for us. We cannot refute his services in social sector, where he proved himself an agent of change. In religious sector he was a loyal to his Imam and committed to the Jamat. It is a best effort by GSA to recognize his sacrifices in terms of time, knowledge and skills to the Jamat. Such personalities hardly develop in any society. We young generations are needed to internalize his three cherished values in our life.
    Once again extend my heartfelt congratulation to GAS on presenting tribute to Uncle Noor Ghulam. (May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace (Ameen).
    Hameed Tajiki (GLT)

  8. Good show – Sost team; congrats to the organizers for upholding a good tradition of remembring our heroes like Noor Ghulam.

    Voilance is what we all should shun from our serene environs.


  9. It is really good tradition of our youth to remember our heroes and acknowledge their services to the community through different events, off course, Uncle Noor Ghulam’s services was not limited to the community of Ghulkin but was for the whole Area.

    Well-done boys for setting a true example, hope our young blood will think, serve and support for the collective benefit of the Area. As the Pamir times is serving, and will not divide us into villages and tribes.

    With kind regards

    Malang Jon

  10. Well done Sost for winning the game and also many many cheers for the organizers.
    Aslam Ghalib

  11. Welldone Dear Brothers, A deep hearted Conrats to All the Team Members specially Najeeb, Nadeem. Be allways Champs in every field of life, Good wishes for the Orginizars of the Event.

  12. people of sost dun say its ur genious ness but it was ma fault to be out on duck otherwise it was ma team cup…hehehe any ways cheerz for the team man
    Sultan KAreem Ali
    from AKU

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